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Thistle Down Nursery

Located on County Highway M54 (Rolf Avenue)
between Sac City and Lake View.
From Lake View we are 2½ miles north of the intersection
of County Highways M54 and US175. 
Or from Sac City we are 5 miles south on County Highway M54.

3045 Rolf Ave
Lake View, IA

Greenhouse: 712-661-9734

Thistle Down Nursery is situated in the tall corn fields of northwest Iowa near a small resort town called Lake View. However when my wife Michelle and I first looked at our land, we didn't see tall corn; rather we saw tall thistles for as far as the eye could see. Standing in the midst of the fluffy seed heads blowing in the wind, my wife came up with Thistle Down and the name is still with us today.

Thistle Down Nursery started as a mid-life crisis with one small greenhouse. People would come and since Michelle and I each had full time jobs, folks would make a purchase and leave the money in a cigar box sitting on a bench. A lot has changed since then. We still have that original building, but now we propagate and grow and sell with the help of 10 more hoop houses and one large, double hoop retail house that is handicap accessible.

Weather in Iowa can be brutally hot and humid in the summer, brutally cold and windy in the winter, and our plants reflect this vigorous climate. My passion is of course, perennials. We try to bring the new cutting edge varieties that can survive here along with the old standbys. Our suppliers are a diverse group from around the world, bringing top quality innovative plants to our greenhouses.

Our talented staff and I are dedicated and proud to bring you these vigorous, healthy, plants. Most of our plants are in large one gallon pots, have healthy root systems, and, if desired, are accompanied with detailed instructions on how to make them thrive. Most will bloom the first year.

Please check back here often, we are always adding new plants as they become available. The web site has been overhauled this year and is up-to-date for 2018.

We are always here to answer your questions and to offer our help in any way. We want to make your garden a rewarding and satisfying part of your life; that's our promise.

Thank you,
Dave and Michelle Witte & Staff

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Google Map of our Location

Web site last updated
August 14, 2018