Cool Wave
6"-8" x 24"-30".  Trailing pansy.  Full sun.  Vigorous and makes a good groundcover and basket plant.


12"-22" x 12"-18".  Heat tolerant, showy plant that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  Sun.  Mix of colors.

12"-18".  Lavender, Red, Rose.


Magilla Purple


10"-18".  Tropical shrub with iridescent purple foliage.  For pots and containers.


Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Favorites of gardeners for years because they tolerate a wide variety of conditions and can be used to create huge spreads of color.

Come in trailing, mounding, upright, striped, edged, variegated, star pattern, doubles, singles,ruffled, and any color you can think of-even black!
They bloom continuously and love the sun.

Bicolor Cabernet
12" x 14".  Vigorous, all season bloomer in Deep red and white.

Black Magic
10"-16" x 16"-20".  Blackest petunia available in a trailing, sun loving variety, mounding habit.

Blue A Fuse
6"-8" x 8"-12".  Nice mix of violets, yellow, white and purple (sometimes all in the same flower!).  Takes a range of temps.

Cabernet Bicolor (raspberry/white); Indian Summer(Peachy yellow)

Cha-Ching Cherry
10"-16" x 16"-20".  Mounding habit.  Multi colored cherry red blooms with creamy yellow star pattern.


Cherry Cheesecake
Semi-trailing red/white pinwheel.  Mandeville-mounding red flower with lemon-green streaks in the center.

Easy Wave
6"-12" x 2.½"-3.½".  Trailing.  Large flowered, easy-to-go, mounded plant.  Nice in baskets or groundcover.  Plum vein.

Flash Mob
10"-16" x 20"-30".  Trailing, Great colored mounds of profuse blooms.
Bluerific.  Lime Light (Hot pink & lime edges).

Fortunia Purple Picotee
12"-14".  Mounding vigorous plant with abundant flowers that continue throughout the summer.  Pink with white edge.

8"-12".   Pure black background with a bright yellow star.  Stunning.

Potunia Plus Papaya
6"-8".  Early to flower, easy to grow, mounding plant.

Premium Bordeaux Ray
8"-12".  Mounding.  Deep red with burgundy red center star.

Premium Cascadias Indian Summer
12"-14".   Semi-trailing.  Peachy-yellow.

Premium Cherry Cheesecake
10"-12".   Mounding.  White with cherry star.

Rhythm And Blues
Mounding, spreading and free-flowering plant is a purple-blue color with a distinct white rim.

Shock Wave
Add Purple Deep.

Starlet Orange
Creamy orange that mounds in containers or hanging baskets.

Surfina Sumo
Big, full and vigorous plant with large flowers.  Bold Lilac.

12"-18" x 24"-48".   Trailing flower trimmed on the edge in white.  Fuchsia.

Rose and Shine
10"-16" x 16"-20".  Mounded plant with a deep purple star trimmed in fuchsia and cream.  Stunning combination.

Sanguna Light Blue
Semi-trailing 10"-16".  Vigorous with large coverage.

Shock Wave
7"-10" x 2"-3".  Trailing.  Lots of branching but stays mounded, so works will for a variety of uses.  Denim.

Sun Spun
6"-10" x 8"-10".  Trailing, compact habit.  Red.

8"-12" x 8"-12".  Trailing, mildew tolerant plant.  Pink Lemonade.

Whispers Star Rose
8"-12".   Semi-trailing Dark pink star with pink edges.


Mona Lavender
12"-16" x 24"-36".  Stands up to high heat & drought.  Dark lavender flower spikes with fuzzy dark green foliage with rich purple undersides.


(Moss Rose)

Pink Bicolor
8"-12".  Trailing, succulent"-like plant with large rose like pink and white blooms.  Does well in heat.

(same as above) Deep pink.

Bicolor (White streaked with rose), Rose.


Fairytales Cinderella
4"-8" x 14"-16".  Drought tolerant, low spreading plants that thrive on summer heat.
Big, double blooms"-yellow with rounded pink centers.

Rio Series
4"-8" x 14"-16".  Vigorous, heat loving spreader.  Great in baskets and planters.  Scarlet, Yellow.

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