18-24".  Aromatic smooth green leaves with purple stems and flowers.  Used as an ornamental and flavorful with a slight sweet licorice flavor.

Italian Large Leaf
18-24".  Attractive, bushy plant.  Use fresh or dried.

Pesto Perpetuo
24-48".  Light green and cream variegated foliage with a spice and lemon scent.  Never flowers, so it keeps going.   Nice in fish, soup and salad dishes.

Sweet Mammoth
18-24".  Large, puckered lettuce looking leaves.  Excellent flavor and aroma-one of the best for culinary dishes.

Sweet Thai
12-18".  Like Genovese but with a stronger spicy clove flavor.  Attractive dark green glossy leaves and purple flowers.  Cooking and ornamental uses.

Sweet Genovese
12-18".  Popular crinkled leaf, cooking basil used with tomato and Mediterranean dishes.  Good for pesto.


3-10'.  Resembles a small tree and be kept for years inside the house as a potted plant.  Has beautiful polished dark green leaves which can be removed as needed for stews, sauces or dried for tea.


24-30".  Zones 3-9.  Flat leaf, slightly garlic onion flavor.  Purple flowers.  Borders and cooking.


Annual with a lovely lemon scent.  Said to repel bugs.  Nice, lacey green leaves get 2-3 feet tall with small white and red flowers.  Can be brought in and over-wintered.

Peacock Scented Geranium
20".  Intense rose scent with small lavender flowers and foliage with flecks of white.

Mabel Grey

Angels Perfume


12-18".  Cilantro leaves are used in Mexican and Asian cuisine and has a lightly-lemon flavor.
The coriander seeds can be dried and used in rubs and sausage.


38-42".  Most widely grown variety. Blooms early.  Used for pickling, seafood, and dips.

Garden or windowsill.  All-American Selection.  18".


Zone 4-5.  This feather, green to smokey-purple herb is slow to bolt and adds an attractive element to the garden.  Use as an herb like anise, as an ornamental.  Seeds can be used for baking or in sausage recipes.
The bulb can be grilled, sautéed or eaten raw.  Aids digestion.

Forms bulbs for culinary use. 


Zones 4-9.  36".  Anise-like flavor used fresh or dried in vinegars, meats and sauces. 


Perennial plant that can be use for potpourri, cooking, or in dried arrangements.  Plant in the sun in a sandy soil with good drainage.  Harvest flowers and leaves.  Strong, pleasant scent.

12-18".  Dark purple flowers above a dense mound of fine, silvery foliage.  Good in rock gardens.

Zone 5.  12-14".  AAS winner.  Aromatic, silvery foliage and lavender-blue flowers.  Fresh, dried, potpourri.

8-12".  Zones 5a-8b.  Showy, compact plant.  Fragrant, cold and disease tolerant and drought tolerant.

12-25".  Highly fragrant with purple flowers.  Hardier variety that's great potted or in the garden.  Attracts butterflies.

2-3'.  Extremely tolerant to heat with superior winter survival.  Fragrant, dark purple-blue flowers.  Great for fresh or dried bouquets and oils.  Critter resistant.

Super Blue
Zone 5.  10-12".  A compact evergreen with rich aromatic, deep blue blooms.  Borders, rock gardens, potpourri.


A perennial plant that can be invasive.  Can use in a pot or garden.  Dry for potpourris, use in ice tea or to flavor food.

18-24".  Spearmint with a grapefruit twist.  Use in ice cubes, drinks, candles.

12-18".  The true mint used in the popular drink.  Milder than many mints.  Can use as a ground cover with pink flowers.


Perennial.  12-18".  Garden or pots.  Use this spicy herb in Italian dishes fresh or dried.


Curly Leave Dense uniform plant.  12". 

Italian Flat
Highly fragrant used in cooked dishes fresh or dried.  Almost a celery flavor.

Jim Best
Zone 5.  6-12".  Nice hanging plant herb.  Variegated green and creamy white.  Can be used in cooking or as a groundcover.  Attracts butterflies.


30-36".  Zone 6 plant but can be brought in and overwintered.  Needle-like leaves with a soft pine aroma.  Can be used fresh or dried.

48-60".  Zone 8.  Strong, upright straight stems make this good for BBQ skewers.  Fast growing.  Works well in a container as well as planting.

Spice Island
Zone 7.  Vigorous grower with thick stems and leaves.  Very fragrant with a hint of cloves and nutmeg.
Attractive blue flowers.  Potpourri, herb butters, cooking with various meats.  24-48".  Deer and drought resistant.


Perennial.  24".  Long, oval gray-green leaves.  Can be used fresh but dries well and be kept for a long time.  Pink flowers.


Tiny leaf perennial that has a very pleasant scent. Used as a groundcover or between rock walls in well-drained soil. Can be used fresh or dried.

12-18".  Lilac flowers with a semi-woody habit.

Lemon Variegated
Zones 3-4.  6-8".  Foliage becomes edged in yellow as it matures with a wonderful lemon scent.  Use with fish, jams, fruit, salads.

Mother of Thyme
Zones 4-9.  3-6".  Pink flowers.

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