Unless otherwise indicated, all shrubs are in #2 containers.


This dwarf is a great asset to any garden This 3' shrub is engulfed in white blooms on sturdy stems to form an upright, rounded form. Zones 3-8.

Endless Summer, Bigleaf Hydrangea
Beautiful,up to, 8" blossoms all summer long. Foliage is bronze in the fall. 3-5' in a rounded shape.

Endless Summer, Blushing Bride
Pure white, semi-double florets mature to blush pink (or blue depending on soil pH). Booms on old and new growth. Nice cut flowers. 3-6'. Zones 4-9.

Endless Summer, BloomStruck
This hardy Zone 4 bush flowers heavily on old and new growth. Glossy green leaves which resist wilting in mid-day heat.
Rounded rose-pink blooms can be 3.5-5" across that are held upright by sturdy ruby red stems. 3-4' x 4-5'.

Endless Summer, Twist and Shout
Abundant blooms on old and new wood. Lacy centers surrounded by gorgeous blossoms of pink or blue depending on pH of soil.
Compact enough for containers at 3-5' x 3'4'.

First Editions, Diamond Rogue
Conical, long lasting blooms that begin in July cover th 4-5' shrub. Flowers beginas white, then turn pink, and finally wine red. Full sun. Zones 3-8.

First Editions, Strawberry Sundae
White flowers emerge in mid-summer, turn pink, and finally to strawberry and last well into the fall. 4-5' x 3-4'. Zones 4-8.

Giant round blooms clustered atop sturdy branches with bed.green round leaves. Cut back in spring.
Great shrub or in a border.

Invincible Mini Mauvette
NEW! For 2018.Never-before-color of a deep mauve-violet in mop head blooms. Blooms early and into the fall on very strong stems. Full sun. 2.5-3'.

Exquisite lime-green to cream blooms that turn hades of pinks and burgundy in the fall. Excellent vigor in sun or part shade. Zones 3-8. 6-8' x 5-7'.

Little Lime
A dwarf of 'Limelight' that grows 3-5' in height and spread.

Little Quick Fire
Early bloomer has white flowers that transform to pink-red as summer progresses. Nice accent bush that also does well in containers. 3-5' x 4-7'.

Quick Fire
Blooms as early as May. 6-8' in height and spread.