Unless otherwise indicated, all shrubs are in #2 containers.


Barberry, First Editions Cabernet
Zones 4-7. 2' x 2-3'. Compact-mounded. Deep red burgundy foliage. Drought tolerant once established. #3.

Barberry, Helmond Pillar
Zones 4-8. 4-5' x 1-2'. Column shape. Red-purple foiliage. Tiny yellow flowers bloom in spring that turn to bright red berries. Full sun and good drainage.

Barberry Limoncello
Forms a tidy, round mound 3-4' tall and spread. Striking chartreuse foliage with red pattern around the margin
Changes orange, yellow and red in the fall. Good accent plant. Zones 4-9.

Barberry, Sunjoy Gold Piller
Zones 4-8. 3-4' x 3'. Fuller at top. Stunning fall foliage.

Baton Rouge Dogwood
Zones 3-7. 4' x 4'. Compact with vivid red stems make this a year round interest for any landscape. White spring flowers are followed with white berries attractive to birds.

Cool Splash Diervill
Zones 3-7. 30-54" x 30-54". Rounded spreading. Variegated, white and green leaves. Easy-to grow. Use in woodland settings or shade. Bunches of yellow blossoms in June and July.

Dogwood (Cornus)
This compact, rounded shrub has white spring flowers that transform into white berries attractive to birds. Red-purple fall color. 3-4'x4-5'. Zones 2-7.

Dogwood, Ivory Halo
Zones 3-7. 5-6' x 5-6'. Variegate leaves with red twigs in winter.
Its finer textured, full, more compact form lends itself to smaller areas.

Euonymus, Emerald and Gold
Zones 5-8. 1-2' x 5'. Spreading shape with dark green, glossy leaves with yellow margins. Tolerates full sun to part shade.

Euonymus Alatus Compact Burning Bush
Zones 4-8 (Protected areas for 4). 5-6' x 5-8' Busy and compact with corky bark.
Good for hedges Brilliant fall color. #3.

Euonymus Fort Gold Splash
Zones 5-8. 18-24" x 3-4'. Yellow and green variegated, round leaves. Orange seeds are very showy. Sun or shade. Great for rock gardens.

Ninebark Amber Jubilee
Zones 2-7. 5-6' x 4'. Upright rounded shape with yellow, orange to green and purple foliage. Delicate white blossoms in spring. Full sun.

Ninebark, Little Devil
3-4' x 3-4'.
Red-purple foliage in a compact, easy to grow shrub. This improved plant is free from disease and pest issues. White-pink flowers in June. #3.

Ninebark, Summer Wine
5-6' x 5-6'. Zones 3-7.
Improved variety with compact branching forms an upright rounded bush. Dark crimson leaves contrast with pinkish-white flowers in mid-summer.

Purple Leaf Sandcherry
Zones 3-8. 6-8' x 5-6'. Pink, fragrant flowers in the spring. Very hardy.
No suckers. Rich purple-red foliage.

Spiraea Goldflame
Zones 3-8. 4-6' x 5-7'. Vase shaped, yellow leafed shrub with arching branches. Brilliant in full sun. #3.

Staghorn Sumac, Tiger Eyes
Zones 4-8. 6 x 6'. New chartreuse green leaves turn to yellow in summer and intense orange/scarlet in fall. Draping cut leaves have an oriental look. #5.

Viburnum, Blue Muffin
Zones 3-9. 5-7' x 4-6'. In spring the plant is covered in white flowers, then later in clusters of blue berries. Good full sun to shade and all soil types.

Viburnum, Compact Cranberrybush
Zones 2-7. 5-6' x 5-6'. Hardy shrub has a slight red edge, then turns deep red in the fall.

Viburnum, Redwing Cranberrybush
This upright, rounded shrub has something for every season: new red spring foliage, May white flowers, clusters of red fruit in late fall into winter and stunning red fall color.
8-10' x 6-8' Zones 2-7.

Viburnum, Snowball
10-12' x 10-12'. Rounded shape has large, double white flowers that bloom profusely in April and May.

Weigela, Dark Horse
Zones 4-8. 2-3' x 2-3. Dense, mounded shrub with bronze and lime foliage with magenta flowers. Attracts birds and butterflies.

Weigela, My Monet Sunset
Zones 5-8. 12-18" x 12-24". Attractive gold foliage and fall red color. Nice border plant.

Weigela, Pearl Sonic Bloom
Zones 4-9. 4-5' x 4'. Sun to part sun. Trumpet like blossoms cover shrub and reblooms.
Flowers turn from white to pink.

Weigela, Pink Sonic Bloom
Loads of hot pink flowers in may are followed by waves of blooms until frost.
Rounded, 4-5’ shrub.

Weigela, Red Sonic Bloom
Red blossoms.
It has the same characteristics as Pink Sonic Bloom.

Weigela, Spilled Wine
This spreading shrub is 2-3' x 3-4 and is lovely in the sun landscape with deep purple foliage and bright pink flowers.

Weigela, Tango
Zones 4-8. 24-30" x 30-36". Compact, bushy habit with standout purple foliage and beautiful red with yellow throat flowers. Full sun.

Weigela, Wine and Roses
Zones 5-8 (can do Zone 4). 4-5' x 3-5'.
A rounded bush with dark burgundy-purple foliage and rosy-pink flowers.