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(Coral Bells)
Zone 4-9.
Spikes of flowers for arrangements.
Form mounds.
Heucheras prefer semi-shade and moist but well drained soil.
Many of the newer forms have done very well in full sun in the north.
Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.


Bella Notte

Compact clump of lightly silvered, dark purple foliage topped with continuous-blooming pink flowers.

Berry Smoothie

Bold colors of rose pink turning more purplish in the summer.
Large mound of 28".

Berry Timeless

Ever-blooming profusion of pink flowers.
Lightly silvered, mint green foliage.

Blackberry Ice

Vigorous, iridescent purple leafed plant with black veining.

Brazen Raisin

Large, nearly matt black leaves form a dense mound topped with deep red scapes and hot pink buds that open to a light pink. Reblooms in fall.


Densely robust apricot fuzzy leaf plant.

Cinnamon Curls

Tidy mound of glossy, ruffled leaves in a blend of coppery red and purple tones.


Robust, citron yellow leaves with cream flowers.
Compact habit.

Dolce Blackberry Ice

Vigorous grower with iridescent purple leaves with black veining.
Pewter overlay in summer.
Cream flowers on reddish scapes.

Dolce Cinnamon Curls

Compact mound of glossy, coppery orange, red, and purple curly leaves.

Falls Sunrise

A vigorous trailing habit with large neon yellow maple-shaped leaves with red touches in the fall.
Great for beds and hanging baskets.
Partial shade.

Fire Alarm

Vigorous grower forms a dense, large truly red-leafed clump with dark red stems and pink flowers.

Georgia Peach

Glowing peach leaves with a silver overlay up to 8" across.
Nice for containers and landscaping.

Gold Zebra

Golden yellow leaves display a heavy bright red pigment that covers the center of the dissected leaves.
Small white flowers.

Grape Expectations

Excellent grower with rounded with very uniform vibrant grape purple leaves with black veins.
Creamy white flowers.


One of the showiest with its re-blooming, coral red flowers and ruffled purple leaves with silvery streaks.

Lava Lamp

Robust mass of large, rounded, coppery purple leaves look great in large containers or the landscape.

Lime Marmalade

Compact, heavily ruffled chartreuse leaves.


Undulating leaves in shades of peach and purple undersides. Red buds turn to white flowers.

Melting Fire

Bright red heavily ruffled leaves turn maroon in the fall with white blooms.

Midnight Rose

Deep purple-black leaves have splashes of hot pink.
Scalloped leaves.

Peach Flambe

Peach foliage infused with plum as the season progresses.
White flowers offer a nice contrast.

Ruffles and Truffles

Dark, mahogany leaves have rich raspberry undersides.
New leaves are very curled and ruffled.
Dense habit with medium pink flowers.


Large, silver leaves with deep green veins.
Offers a nice bright spot in the garden.

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