All Hostas are Zones 3-9.
Long lived, carefree, shade tolerant plants with beautiful leaves, hostas keep their tidy look all season and come in all sizes. Stalks of white to lavender, lily-like blooms appear midseason. One of the easiest plants to grow and divide, they like well-drained soil and are shade loving with some varieties tolerating sun.

All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Grand Prize

12" x 24"
(Related to Grand Tiara.)
Broad green leaves have a very wide bright gold margins that lighten to cream in the summer.  Dark purple flowers.

Great Expectations

(Bond/Aden 88)
A specimen that will live up to its name!  Beautiful large yellow puckered leaves are edged by wide, irregular margins of blue and light green.  Clusters of white flowers mid-summer.  Acclaimed as one of the worlds most beautiful hosta varieties.


(Solberg 94)
One of the most beautiful new hosta introductions, this magnificent plant is a mutation of Fragrant Bouquet.  Guacamole has chartreuse leaves (apple-green) margined by a wide dark greened edge.   Large fragrant flowers open in August.  Compliments Fragrant Bouquet and Fried Green Tomatoes.

Guardian Angel

2' x 3-4'
Stunning, wide, blue-green leaves with a white center that gets a light green cast by late spring.  Light lavender flowers.

Half and Half

12" x 18"
Dark green wide leaves have pure white centers.

Hudson Bay

24" x 26"
Wide, bright blue margins contrast with apple green jetting and creamy white centers.  White flowers.

Humpback Whale

36" x 48"
Forms a massive, dome-shaped mound of blue-green, corrugated, heart-shaped leaves.  White flowers.


22" x 26"
Dark green leaves with a creamy white margin speckled with green.  Large lavender flowers.

Island Breeze

12" x 28"
Bright green margins surround bright yellow centers that turn chartreuse in shade.  Showy red petioles.  Dark lavender flowers.


15" x 20"
Blue green margins and chartreuse centers make this award winner a showy addition.