All Hostas are Zones 3-9.
Long lived, carefree, shade tolerant plants with beautiful leaves, hostas keep their tidy look all season and come in all sizes. Stalks of white to lavender, lily-like blooms appear midseason. One of the easiest plants to grow and divide, they like well-drained soil and are shade loving with some varieties tolerating sun.

All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Krossa Regal

40" x 48"
Frosted gray-green leaves grow vase-like.  Strong, wavy leaves and tall scapes lavender flowers.

Lakeside Paisley Print

2019 Hosta of the year.
Stunning small hosta (10"x23") has thick, heart-shaped leaves with very wide, wavy green margins.  Narrow, creamy white markings shoot our in a feathery pattern.


26" x 40"
A sport of 'Sagae' with wide jetting yellow margins with much heavier leaves.


18" x 20"
Best white centered hosta with deep green margins.  Heavy leaves with lavender flowers.

Mini Skirt

5" x 7"
Very wavy, thick blue-green leaves with a wide, creamy yellow margin.  Centers turn green and edges whiten in summer.  Lavender striped flowers.

Minute Man

18" x 24"
Stunning plant with dark green centers bordered in wide, pure white edges.  Pale lavender flowers.

Montana Aureomarginata

(AHS, 1987)
This large hosta displays arching wedge shaped green leaves sporting irregular margins of yellow which turn to cream as the season progresses.  Pale lavender flowers mid-summer.  One of the most admired forms, in the shady landscape.  It is outstanding used as a specimen or as a background planting.


24" x 32-39"
Unique blue hosta with cascading clump of narrow wedge-shaped rippled leaves.


22" x 30"
Dark green leaves with crisp white, jetting margins make this a nice border plant.  This hosta has greater sun tolerance.

Praying Hands

14-18" x 18"
Collector's item because of its rare upright, tightly folded leaves that are heavily rippled and thin gold margins.

Pure Heart

4" x 8"
This cute miniature is similar to mouse ears in shape.  The leaves have a blue-green margin with creamy-white centers.