All Hostas are Zones 3-9.
Long lived, carefree, shade tolerant plants with beautiful leaves, hostas keep their tidy look all season and come in all sizes. Stalks of white to lavender, lily-like blooms appear midseason. One of the easiest plants to grow and divide, they like well-drained soil and are shade loving with some varieties tolerating sun.

All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Rainbows End

11" x 17"
Shiny, bright yellow leaves have dark green margins that jet into the center.  Showy red scapes with dark lavender flowers.

Regal Supreme

Wide leaf creamy wavy margins and frosty blue leaves.  Tall scapes, lavender flowers.


18" x 22"
Dark green thick leaves with a broad, cream center speckled with green.  Lavender flowers.


(AHS 87)
Sagaes dramatic color combination and majestic form should cast it in a leading role in any landscape.  With its regal vase-shaped growth habit it is the perfect candidate for underplanting ground covers or smaller hostas.  Sagaes large frosty blue leaves with their creamy yellow margin sets it in a class by itself.  Pale lavender flowers in mid-summer.

Declared by the American Hosta Growers as Hosta of the year for the year 2000.

Shadowland Whee

18" x 24"
Like a little girl's wavy locks, these extremely wavy leaves are ruffled from top to bottom in a green leaf with white margin.  Light lavender flowers.

Stained Glass

15" x 30"
A sport of 'Guacamole' with huge 10" brilliant gold and wide, dark green margined leaves with pale lavender flowers.  Good sun tolerance.

Sum and Substance

36" x 48"
Giant hosta with green to light chartreuse depending on light.  Sun tolerant.  Lavender flowers.

Sun Mouse

6" x 18"
Similar to mouse ears in leaf shape and performance except it has brilliant yellow leaves.

Touch of Class

16" x 22"
With wide blue margins and chartreuse centers this showstopper has sturdy leaves.


30" x 54"
Hosta of the year, 2015.
Develops into a low, pinwheel-like mound of pointy, lance-shaped leaves of good substance.  Blue-green leaves have yellow margins.


22" x 24"
The broad, heart-shaped leaves have crisp white center and dark green margins.


11-18" x 24"
This extremely ruffled leafed hosta has green leaves with cream margins.  This striking plant has sturdy leaves and light lavender flowers.


15" x 18"
Award winner sporting wavy, tapering leaves that may reach 10" long.  They are blue-green with wide, gold margins forming a dense, cascading mound.