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All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.



(Yarrow or Milfoil)

Zones 3-8

Adaptable and undemanding, and will grow in poor soil. Fernlike aromatic foliage. Good for the middle or back of the border.

New Vintage Red
12-14". Spreads 14". Bold color with no gaps between blooms.

Saucy Seduction
Flowers bloom a bright yellow and turn pastel yellow. Produces blossoms all summer. Robust.



(Monkshood, Turk's Cap)

Zones 4-8

Lovely helmet shaped flowers on dense racemes.

Flowers last the longest in a partially shaded, moist location. An excellent cutflower. The roots, leaves and seeds are poisonous.

Strong stems so no staking required. Deep, glossy foliage and lavender-blue flowers. Zone 4-8. Shade to partial sun.




Zones 3-10
A rapid growing ground cover that proves effective under trees where lawn has difficulty establishing. Also does well if rock gardens and when used as an edging plant. Upright flower spikes that bloomfrom mid-late spring.

Black Scallops
Zone 4-9
Easy to grow in medium moisture and well-drained soil.  Violet blooms are produced best with 3-4 hours of sun but is a shade loving ground cover.  Tolerates deer, rabbits and black. Walnuts.  4-6".  Spreads ½ to 2'.

Burgundy Glow
6" early spring. Variegated foliage of Burgundy, creamy white and green which gives a vivid tricolor effect. Blue flowers.



(Lady's Mantle)

Zones 3-7

18" late spring

An easy to grow evergreen ground cover with rounded, lobed leaves. Tiny yellowish green star-shaped flowers. Flowers can be cut and dried.



(Ornamental Onion) 

Zone 3-8.

Sun to partial shade.

2", rosy purple blooms on strong stems; compact 15"-20" clump with thick, glossy leaves.

Zone 5.



(Peruvian Lily) 

Inca Ice

Zones 5-9. Sun to part shade. 2-3'.

Bushy clump of soft apricot and yellow clusters of 20 or more blooms. Over winters well.



Porcelain Vine

Aggressive vine with variegated leaves(white, grn., pk.) and white flowers that mature to blue berries.

Sun or shade.

Zones 5-9.  10-20".




3'. This blue star variety Has very narrow, needle-like leaves that line the stems like bottlebrushes. The small, lt. blue 2-3" flowers grow in clusters. Golden yellow in the fall. Zone 4.



(Japanese Anemone)

Zones 5-8

A good choice for late summer and autumn flowering. Requires a rich, well-drained soil for top performance.

Curtain Call Deep Rose
Zones 4-8.   14-18'  Each dark pink flower is lined with a double row of petals.  
Lasts throughout the fall.

x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert
36" late summer. Back by popular demand! Pure white single-semi double flowers with bright yellow stamens measure 2-3 inches across. Very floriferous.

Z6-9. 3'. Nice for late season color with double, deep pink 2" daisy-like flowers. Long, graceful stems.

Cottage garden plant. Late season. 2"-3" white , semi-double ruffled flowers. Nice clump of deep green foliage.

(Pasque Flower)
Zones 4-8.  8-10"
Showy, purple, cup shaped flowers with silvery, fuzzy foliage. Early Spring.

Wild Swan
Zones 5-8.  16-18"  Unlike other anemones, this blooms May until the first frost.  Large, 3½" blossoms have violet bands on undersides of petals.   Good for woodland and rock gardens in part sun.  Resists deer and is a good cut flower.




Zones 3-9 .

Graceful, colorful blossoms make this a delightful border plant. The shorter ones are nicely suited for the rock garden. They delight in a well-drained, rich humus soil.

Swan Burgundy & White
Sun to part shade. Large white flowers are surrounded with burgundy petals. 20-24"

Swan Yellow
Same as above but with a yellow center.

Swan Blue and White
Same as above but with a blue center.

Winky Double Red White
Zone 3-9.  Abundant red and white upright facing double flowers on sturdy stems.  Sun/Shade.  12"x12" 



(Golden Japanese Spikenard) 

Zone 3-9.

Shade to partial sun.

Sun King
3 ft. Very Large, bright fold leaves.

Tiny white flowers turn to purple-black berries in fall.



(Maritima Armada Rose)

This new border plant 6-8" and has bright raspberry blossoms.




schmidtiana 'Silver Mound

8-10" (schmidtiana 'Nana')
Zones 3-7

A compact mounded plant. Fernlike, silver-gray foliage. Excellent in the rock garden or for edging. Extremely popular foliage plant.



(Goats Beard)

Zones 3-7

12" early summer
(Dwarf Goat's Beard) Rather fine, ferny foliage. Creamy white spikes. Needs a moist rich soil.

5' early summer
(A. sylvester) Ivory white feather plumes. A valuable addition to the back of the perennial border. Does best in a shady, moist location.

Misty Lace
The perfect size Goatsbeard for smaller gardens. Large, 2-3 foot creamy white plums on dark red stems. Heat and humdity tolerant.



(Swamp Milkweed)

tuberosa-Butterfly Weed
24" Bright orange flowers all summer. tuberose (Butterfly Weed)

Hassle-free plant with 3 months of tangerine blooms. Long lasting cut flower. Full sun. 24"

Zones 4-8.   Native plant producing small clustered flowers.  Monarchs use plants to lay eggs.  Plant near ponds or bog gardens.   32-48"x24".

Hello Yellow
Bright golden yellow blossom.



(Our plants are grown from a bulb)

Electric Red
36-48". Red with a white border.

Hot-Spot Peach, Hot-Spot Yellow, Pink, Raspberry.

Matrix Orange
Coral Red. Dwarf at 18-24". June/July.

Mount Ducklings
16-18". Pink. Fragrant.

Pixie Butter
16-18". Dwarf

Souvenir: Dwarf
16-18".  Soft pink with ruffled petals and white centers.



(Hardy Aster)

Zones 3-8

Popular for late summer and fall display Taller types are best for cutting.

Kickin' Carmine Red
2-3'. This series has superb, very full, dense mound of foliage and is blanketed with flowers late summer into fall. Magenta red with a gold center.

Kickin' Lilac Blue
Same as above but blue.



(False Spirea, False Goatsbeard) 

Zones 4-9
Great mounding, glossy leaf plant that ranges from 10" to 28" with fluffy plumes that last long in cut arrangements. Needs rich, moist, well-drained soil.

Well worth the little extra care, the elegance of the feathery flowers, ferny foliage, array of colors and the flower times are spectacular when massed in a shady spot or combined with Hostas and Ferns.

Amber Moon
34-38" Brilliant chartreuse yellow leaves.
Strong blush red stems with pink.flowers.
Heat tolerant, shade plant.

August Light
28" Excellent cut flower.
Long, scarlet plumes with leaves that goes from deep red to green.

20"  Zones 4-9  Red spires full of blossoms is one of the earliest reds to bloom.
Foliage is mahogany in spring, turning green by summer. Vigorous.

Little Vision in Pink
Zone 4-9.  Perfectly sized for borders or containers.   Fuzzy, pyramidal shaped rose pink plumes.  14-16".

Little Vision in Purple
14-16".  Raspberry-purple plumes rise from neat mounds of nicely cut bronze/green foliage.  Robust and sun-tolerant.

Maggie Daley
28" Bright lavender, dense, fuzzy plumes with Dark Green foliage.

Milk and Honey
30"  Creamy white plumes hold up under the sun and mild drought.  Plumes turn light pink as they age. Marbled green and silver foliage.  Vigorous bloomer.

Peach Blossom
24"  Zones 4-9  Frothy full plumes have delicate peach blossoms with a hint of pink.

Purple Candles
42"  Dense, poker-like rich violet-red plumes lighten up as they age.  Bold, dark green foliage with a coarse texture.  Very unique.

Vision in Red
32"  The latest addition to the Vision series with pinkish-red flowers opening from deep red buds.  Bronze green foliage.

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