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(False Spirea, False Goatsbeard) Zones 4-9

Great mounding, glossy leaf plant that ranges from 10" to 28" with fluffy plumes that last long in cut arrangements. Needs rich, moist, well-drained soil. 

Well worth the little extra care, the elegance of the feathery flowers, ferny foliage, array of colors and the flower times are spectacular when massed in a shady spot or combined with Hostas and Ferns.

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Amber Moon 

34-38". Brilliant chartreuse yellow leaves. Strong blush red stems with Heat tolerant, shade plant. 

August Light 

28". Excellent cut flower. Long, scarlet plumes with leaves that goes from deep red to green. 


red spires full of blossoms is one of the earliest reds to bloom. Foliage is mahogany in spring, turning green by summer. Vigorous. Z4-9. 20". 

Little Vision in Purple

14-16". Raspberry-purple plumes rise from neat mounds of nicely cut bronze/green foliage. Robust and sun-tolerant. 

Maggie Daley 

28". Bright lavender, dense, fuzzy plumes with dk. gn. foliage. 

Milk and Honey

30". Creamy white plumes hold up under the sun and mild drought. Plumes turn light pink as they age. Marbled green and silver foliage. Vigorous bloomer. 

Peach Blossom 

Frothy full plumes have delicate peach blossoms with a hint of pink. Z4-9. 24". 

Purple Candles

42". Dense, poker-like rich violet-red plumes lighten up as they age. Bold, dark green foliage with a coarse texture. Very unique. 

Vision in Red 

32 inches. 
The latest addition to the Vision series with pinkish-red flowers opening from deep red buds. Bronze green foliage.