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All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.



American Goldfinch

Zones 4-9. 3'.  Golden yellow flower spikes rise up above its wide habit.  Lots of blooms and round seed pods in the fall.  Great for mass plantings to fill large spaces.

3-4' late spring
Upright plant with gray-green stems and blue-green leaves.  Shrub-like habit. Indigo-blue flowers on long terminal racemes bloom mid to late spring, followed by black seed pods.  When dried, seed pods are attractive for arrangements.  Good for the back of the border.

Decadence Cherrys Jubilie
Beautiful maroon and yellow flowers are held on strong scapes above densely branched, blue-green foliage.  Nice scent and nice, decorative seed pods in the fall.  2½-3'.

Decadence Spark Sapphire
Intense vibrant violet blue blossoms will stop you in your tracks.  Eight-inch long spikes over grey-green leaves.  Compact habit with decorative seed pods in the fall.  2½-3'.

Indigo Spires
3-5'.  Densely branched in deep violet and yellow keels.

Pink Truffles
2½-3'.  Compact.  Soft pink flowers that make a good companion plant.

Zones 4-10.  24-26".  Lemon yellow flowers take on an orange blush as they age.  Mature clumps can have 100 or more flowering stems.  Shrub-like with blue-green foliage.

Prairieblues Solar Flare
3-5'.  Large, shrub-like clump can have 100 lemon-yellow to orange flowers in 3 years.



(Blackberry Lily)

Zones 4-10.

Star shaped flowers. Full sun.

Freckle Face
18-24".  Profuse, 2" orange blossoms with red speckling.

Pod produce clusters of black seeds in fall.



Zones 4-8

Bold flowers surrounded by dark leaves start out light pink and mature to pink with dark pink veins.



(Star Flower)

Sun - September

Jim Crockett

Zone 4.  18-24'.  Summer-Fall. Lavender blooms with yellow centers.  Gardens or cutting.




Zones 3-8
Loves shade.

m. 'Jack Frost (PPAF)
12-15" spring.

A Walters Gardens, Inc. introduction of a B. 'Langtrees' sport.  The plant displays a frosty silver overlay with light green venations.  Leaves resemble crackled porcelain and shimmer in the garden creating a shining contrast against companion plants and its blue spring flowers.  Choice!



Dark Dynasty
3'.  Dense, rounded clump of dark green foliage with royal purple flowers.

Little Angel
Zones 5-10.  3'.  Pure white flower panicles appear above its perfectly rounded habit earlier than other buddleias.  Compact.  Profuse bloomer.

Monarch Prince Charming
This new butterfly bush has deep pink-red 10" flower spikes.  3½-4'.

Queen of Hearts
2½-3'.  Short, compact clump of large 8" panicles in magenta red.

Royal Falls
2.5-3'.  A waterfall of amethyst purple flowers cascade out over the dark green foliage. Strongly fragrant with 7-9" flower panicles that last many weeks. Zone 5.

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