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Vibrant magenta, cup-shaped blooms form on sprawling, spreading stems.

Nice cut leaf.

Easy to grow plant that fills the in-between spaces all season.

Drought tolerant.



(Bellflower or Harebell) 

Zones 3-8

Taller bellflowers make good cut flowers.
Lower growing varieties are good for edging, rock gardens and containers.

Blue or Pearl White
Deep blue or pure, crisp white bell-shaped blooms cover the 10" mounds of compact green foliage that's heat tolerant. Full sun to partial shade.

Carpatica 'Blue Clips
8" summer

Light green leaves. Large violet-blue cup-shaped flowers that bloom from late spring through early fall. Deadhead for continuous bloom. 



(Snow in Summer) 

tomentosum 'Yo Yo
4-6" late spring
This ground cover is highly valued for its woolly-gray foliage.
A good specimen for rock gardens or edging. White flowers.

Silver Carpet
Zones 3-9
Wooly gray-white foliage covered ith sainy, white flowers.
Rock gardens; trailing pot plants.



(Pink Turtlehead) 

18-24" late summer
Zones 4-9

Shorter stalks and narrower leaves than C. lyonii.
Very floriferous. Rosy-purple flowers.



Mammoth Series: These mums have daisy-shaped flowers that cover the dense foliage, forming a neat mound.

Can be used in large containers and mass plantings. Improved hardiness.

Coral Daisy
Coral with yellow centers that become an antique rose.

Dark Bronze

Lavender Daisy

Red Daisy

Yellow Quill Daisy
Tubular shaped petals.



(Black Snakeroot, Bugbane)

Zones 4-8

ramosa 'Hillside Black Beauty (PP09988) fall
Introduced by Mary Ann McGourty Striking dark purplish-black foliage that is one of the darkest to date.
Fragrant, foot-long bottlebrush flowers open white with a pale blush pink tinge on 4-7 foot stems in fall.
A collectors item. Does best in a moisture-retentive soil.

James Compton
36 inches - fall
Dark purple foliage develops after the first season, creamy white flowers.



Zones 4-8.
Vigorous vines with profuse, attractive blooms.   Sun to partial shade.

Blue Explosion
8" Incredible bloom power of semi-double large, blue flowers with a hint of pink at the tips.   Second bloom are singles.

Crater Lake
6-10' with 6" blossoms. Gorgeous double, long blooming selection with periwinkle to soft blue flowers and a small tuft of ivory anthers.

5-7" Dark pink blooms with white stars.  No need to prune. 6-9' vines, June-September.

Ernest Markham
4-6' with 5" blossoms.  Vigorous grower that performs will in sun or in shade.  Late summer velvety magenta-red blooms are one of the easiest to grow.

6-8" purple blooms with red stars.   No need to prune.  8-10' vines, May-June.  August-September.

5-7" waterfall of fragrant blue blossoms bloom in June & August.  Can take light shade and containers.  6-8'

The most profuse blooming dark purple Clematis.  June, July and September blooming.

Nelly Moser
7-9" striped mauve and deep purplish-pink with dark red stamens.   Showy. 6-10 ft.   May-June, September.

7" Velvety ruby cup-like flowers with white stamens hold their color from May to September.

Very vigorous grower with clusters of small very fragile white flowers.  Blooms August-September.   A real winner!

5" One of the heaviest bloomers.  Light pink ruffled petals have a magenta pink margin and purple anthers.  May-June; September.

Red Cardinal
4-6" red, curving blooms.  6-10' tall.  July-September.

Red Star
4-6" Double magenta blossoms twice a year-spring and fall.  4-6' tall.

This NEW variety has single, salmon pink flowers with a deep pink center stripe.  June-August.  5-6'.

Serious Black
6' Extraordinarily dark purple foliage forms an upright, self-supporting clump of intertwining stems so no trellis is required.   Foliage matures to olive green and is topped with a profusion of antique ivory blossoms and silvery seed heads.

Stand By Me
Zones 3-7.  Bush type plant that benefits from support (trellis or other plants).  Intense bluebell shaped flowers.  Blooms profusely May-June with some reblooms in later months.  Attractive cream threadlike seed heads remain.  34-38x24-36".

Sweet Autumn
Produces clusters of fragrant, white, sparkly flowers late summer.  Grow on trellis.  Zones 4-8.  Up to 30' tall.

Sweet Summer Love
Lovely cranberry-violet blooms are incredible fragrant and easy to grow.  Shrub-like.  July-September.  10-15'.  Zones 4-9.

The President
8-12' Deep violet flowers with dark reddish-purple margins.  Blossoms are single and 6-8".   Attractive seed heads.

6-11' Impressive plant erupts with a stream of large, deep velvety red blossoms with yellow anthers for several months.   Vigorous grower that tolerates light shade.

Huge 6-8" magenta blooms with reddish purple bars.  8-10 feet.   Early to mid-season.



Distant Memory



(Lily of the Valley)

Zones 2-7

6-8" late spring.

Fragrant, white, bell-shaped flowers followed by tiny, orange berries.
Excellent ground cover for shade.

Prolific bloomer.




Long blooming, hardy perennial that bears hundreds of small,
daisy-like blossoms from late June to September.
Forms a full, sun-loving clump.

Center Stage
15" Zones 4-8. True red, full 12-15" clump.

Cruizin' Broad Street
Zones 5-8.  18'x18".  Bright red flowers with orange undersides make this a great plant for your sunny perennial garden.

Hot Paprika
1½" deep red flowers.  Threadleaf foliage form a compact, rounded, uniform mound.  Zones 5-9.  15-18".

Jethro Tull
Zone 4.  18" Golden yellow fluted petals atop a compact mound.  Nice scent.

Lil Bang Red Elf
Zone 5.   8-12" Deep burgundy red atop a more compact clump of medium green foliage all season.

18" Creamy yellow flowers atop soft needle-like clumps of foliage all summer.

Red Chiffon
Zone 4.  Creamy yellow flowers with a scarlet eye blooms for months.  15-18".

Red Satin
Ruby red hardy blooms.   Threadleaf, mounding foliage.  15-19".

Solanna Golden Sphere
Zones 4-9.  10-12".  Bright gold-orange blooms are ruffled and full.

Sun Up
Zones 4-9.  10-12".  Early bloomer boasts semi-double, bright yellow blooms.

A new series in 2018 has larger flower and a longer bloom time with a tidy, mounding habit.  Zones 5-8. 12-14".  Colors: Gold and Bronze, Yellow and Red.

UpTick Yellow Red
Zones 5-9.   Golden yellow flower with red-burgundy center keeps its shape and color all season.  Full sun.  14"x14".

15" Clear gold-yellow flowers.  Fern-like foliage.   Attractive compact habit.




Zones 4-8

Highly valued for their long flowering period with most having peak bloom in late spring-early summer as well as for attractive foliage.
This hardy perennial will enlighten the perennial border or rock garden.
We recommend shearing to encourage rebloom.

10-12".  PLANT OF THE YEAR 2015,
Grows quickly to form a carpet of fragrant pinkish-white flowers.
Reblooms all summer.

12-18" early summer
Rich sapphire blue with a tiny white eye.
Deeply serrated foliage with mounding habit that stays attractive all summer.

Dark Reiter
Dark mound of finely cut plum to purple foliage contrasts with lilac blue flowers.

18-20 inches
Zones 5-8.
Large 2½ inch violet blue flowers from mid June to October.  Foliage turns red in the fall.

Johnson Blue
Zones 4-8.
Periwinkle blue.
Forms a wide 15-18" clump. 2" blooms.

New Hampshire Purple
A profusion of magenta-purple flowers cover the compact, spreading mounds of cut leaves. Turns brilliant crimson-red in the fall.
One of the best low-growing geraniums.




Zones 5-9

36-42", Broad handsome sword like foliage.

Brilliant flame red flowers. Good cut flower.

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