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All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.


Vibrant magenta, cup-shaped blooms form on sprawling, spreading stems.

Nice cut leaf.

Easy to grow plant that fills the in-between spaces all season.

Drought tolerant.


(Bellflower or Harebell) Zones 3-8 

Taller bellflowers make good cut flowers. Lower growing varieties are good for edging, rock gardens and containers. 

Blue or Pearl White

Deep blue or pure, crisp white bell-shaped blooms cover the 10" mounds of compact green foliage that's heat tolerant. Full sun to partial shade. 

Carpatica 'Blue Clips

8" summer 

Light green leaves. Large violet-blue cup-shaped flowers that bloom from late spring through early fall. Deadhead for continuous bloom. 


16-20". Large 2-3" blooms. Compact with evergreen foliage.


(Snow in Summer) Zones 3-7 

tomentosum 'Yo Yo

4-6" late spring 

This ground cover is highly valued for its woolly-gray foliage. A good specimen for rock gardens or edging. White flowers. 

Silver Carpet

Z3-9. 4-6". Wooly gray-white foliage covered ith sainy, white flowers. Rock gardens; trailing pot plants.


(Pink Turtlehead) Zones 3-8 


18-24" late summer 

(Zones 4-9)

Shorter stalks and narrower leaves than C. lyonii. Very floriferous. Rosy-purple flowers.


Mammoth Series: These mums have daisy-shaped flowers that cover the dense foliage, forming a neat mound. Can be used in large containers and mass plantings. Improved hardiness. 2-3'x2-4'. 

Coral Daisy

Coral with yellow centers that become an antique rose. 

Dark Bronze 

Red Daisy 

Yellow Quill Daisy

Tubular shaped petals.


(Black Snakeroot, Bugbane) Zones 4-8 

ramosa 'Hillside Black Beauty (PP09988) fall 

Introduced by Mary Ann McGourty Striking dark purplish-black foliage that is one of the darkest to date. Fragrant, foot-long bottlebrush flowers open white with a pale blush pink tinge on 4-7 foot stems in fall. A collectors item. Does best in a moisture-retentive soil. 

James Compton

36 inches - fall 

Dark purple foliage develops after the first season, creamy white flowers.


(Lily of the Valley) Zones 2-7 


6-8" late spring 

Fragrant, white, bell-shaped flowers followed by tiny, orange berries. Excellent ground cover for shade. 


Prolific bloomer.


(Montbretia) Zones 5-9 


36-42", Broad handsome sword like foliage. Brilliant flame red flowers. Good cut flower.


(Hardy Ice Plant) Zones 6-9 

A tough, drought resistant ground cover that excels in gravelly soil. Full, succulent foliage with low creeping habit. 


6-7" summer 

Two inch wide daisy-like rose-pink flowers all summer. 

Table Mountain

2" magenta flowers with evergreen foliage. Zone 4-9. 

Fire Spinner

Ground cover with daisy-like mass of fiery orange, with hot pink centers, flowers. Rock gardens. Z5-10. 

Jewel Desert Garnet

Rich red outer petals segue to magenta hubs.


(Larkspur) Zones 3-7 

A distinct class of perennials noted for their tall, stately, and dignified appearance. They are best grown in the cooler regions of the country. Their height requires staking to support the soft hollow stems. 

grandiflorum 'Blue Butterfly

14" early summer 

Compact habit with serrated leaves. 1½ inch deep blue flowers. 

Desante Blue

3'. Blue with white center. Early bloomer. 

New millennium Dwarf Stars

2½'. Mixture of pinks and purples. Strong stems. 

Pink Punch

3-5'. The deepest pink and very hardy, this plant has strong, broad spikes of frilled flowers with a white, brown or pink striped bee. 

Purple Passion

4-5'. Large incised leaves are the setting for intense purple spikes with a white striped bee that may not require staking.


(Pinks and Hybrid Cultivars) Zones 3-9 

Red Beauty

Beautiful red blooms. Repeat flowering. Heat tolerant and compact. Rock gardens, edging. Z4-9. 5-7". 


Cherry red & light pink flowers in an art deco design. Borders, containers. Z4. 7". 

Apple Slice

10". Fragrant, velvety red, double blossoms have pale pink to white centers on each petal. 


7-8" Fragrant, magenta pink blooms over low, silvery blue mats of foliage. Reblooms in the fall. 

Frosty Fire

6" Double, Chinese lacquered blooms explode above mounds of blue-green evergreen leaves.


(Bleeding Heart) Zones 3-9 

Dicentra can do well in the sun provided they have sufficient moisture. 

King of Hearts

8" spring 

Zones 5-9. A cross between D. peregrina from Japan and D. formosa subsp. oregana and D. eximia. Very lovely, finely cut soft grayish green foliage and rosy pink heartshaped flowers create a soft, delicate display that doesn't know when to stop blooming. Flowers throughout the summer. 

Burning Hearts

Zone 3-9. Rose red, heart-shaped flowers that produce all season. Blue/green Fern-like foliage 10" mound. 

Gold Heart

18-24". Old-fashioned variety with radiant yellow foliage and arching sprays of large pink and white blossoms. 


Fern-leaved bleeding heart is an everblooming plant with dark reddish pink heart-shaped blossoms. Sun and heat tolerant. Does not go dormant with adequate moisture.12-15". Z3-9. 


30-36". Forms a mass of fresh green leaves with arching sprays of large, puffy rose pink flowers with white tips. 

Spectabilis Alba

30". Old-fashioned variety with puffy heart-shaped, white flowers. 

Fire Island

12-15" More vigorous and disease resistant, with heavier crop of magenta red blooms. 


Old-fashioned form but bright red puffy blooms with a white tip. Goes dormant in summer. 30"


(Gas Plant) Zones 3-7 

Excellent specimen or background plant in the perennial border Once placed, it is best left undisturbed as it does not transplant well. 


28-32". Long-live, deer resistant, strong tall stems carry white flowers. Forms bushy clump of dark green aromatic leaves. Star-shaped pods(dried arrangements)


(Coneflower) Zones 3-8 

Coneflowers make an impressive addition to the late summer garden. Their thick deep taproots make them extremely drought tolerant. They bloom throughout the summer and their seed heads are attractive throughout the fall and winter. 

Cheyenne Spirit

Zone 4-9. Variety of colors. Bushy plant 22-30". 

Cleopatra Zone

4-8. Vibrant yellow 3" blossoms on16-18" sturdy, well-branched stems. 

Glowing Dream

Z4-8. 16-24". Watermelon-coral flowers are produced on compact plants that boast a long bloom period. 

Green Jewel

Zone 3-8. Fragrant, light green blooms with a dk. green cone. 20-24" 

Hot Papaya

Zone 4-9. Red-orange pom-pom blooms are highly fragrant. Good cut flower. 30-36" 


Zone 4-8. Tangerine orange 4" fragrant blossoms. Strong, well-branched stems. 16-18" 

Lemon Yellow

24-26" Rich yellow blossoms with a copper cone produce freely all summer on well-branched, sturdy plants. 

Pow Wow Wild Berry

Zone 3-8. Deep pink 4" blossoms on stiff, well-branched stems. Compact 18-24". 

Purple Emperor

Zone 4-8. Large magenta blossoms form a bushy clump 15-18". 

Salsa Red

24-26". Spicy, orange-red blossoms produce freely on well-branched plants. 

Solar Flare

Zone 4-8. Huge 5-6" fragrant, magenta blossoms on sturdy, near black stems of 24-36" 

Sombrero Adobe Orange

This new cone flower is one of the best oranges to date. 2-3" flowers with dark green foliage. Profuse blooms in the garden or containers. 18-20". Z4-9. 

Tomato Soup

24-26" deep red blossoms. 


Zone 3-8. Fragrant pure white with a green cone flower. Superior flowering habit. 20-24".


(Barrenwort) Zones 3-8 

Once established, this versatile ground cover can tolerate dry shade. Use in mass plantings. 


Zone 4-8. Long spurred, amethyst purple flowers are held well above the foliage that emerges bronzy red and turns green in summer, then back to bronze in fall.  8-12"


(Commonly called Joe Pye Weed or Chocolate Snakeroot).

Zones 3-7 

Broad panicles of purple flowers on dk. red stems. Attracts butterflies 2-3'. Zone 3-8. 

Baby Joe

Miniature version of the Joe Pye weed. 2-3 feet tall.


(Cushion Spurge) 


18". Phenomenal colors of deep purple, red and orange leaves are set ablaze with sulfur yellow bracts in the spring.

Turns rich red in the fall.

Forms a rounded mound.


(Blanket Flower) Zones 3-10 Full sun. 

These daisy-like flowers bloom from summer to frost and are heat tolerant. 

Arizona Apricot

Compact growth. 3" blooms with yellow tips and dark orange center with bright green foliage. 12" Long lasting blooms. 

Arizona Red

Masses of large, long-lasting crimson blooms. Good container & garden plant. 12" 

Fanfare Blaze

Trumpeted petals in burnt orange & center. Z5-10. 12-16". 

Sun Devil 

Showy fluted red flowers with yellow tims are supported on strong stems. Nice compact, tight habit. 8-14"x 12". Z3-9.


(Sweet Woodruff)

Zones 4-8 

An excellent ground cover for partially shaded, moist, slightly acidic areas.

Tiny white flowers.

Galium is very attractive beneath shrubs or in a naturalized area.



Glossy mounds of deep green leaves and shiny yellow blooms, some with brown inner rings. Tolerates shade well. Good for rock gardens. 3-4"x10". Z4-9.


Blue Cross

Z3-7 10". Intense blue-violet flowers on a compact, durable, drought resistant plants. Clusters of blooms open at the nodes of spoon-shaped leaves at angles to form a 'cross'. 

True Blue

24-30". A true-blue large 2", tubular flower which open at the nodes all up and down the stems. Forms an attractive clump.


(Cranesbill) Zones 4-8 

Highly valued for their long flowering period with most having peak bloom in late spring-early summer as well as for attractive foliage. This hardy perennial will enlighten the perennial border or rock garden. We recommend shearing to encourage rebloom. 


10-12". PLANT OF THE YEAR 2015, Grows quickly to form a carpet of fragrant pinkish-white flowers. Reblooms all summer. 


12-18" early summer 

Rich sapphire blue with a tiny white eye. Deeply serrated foliage with mounding habit that stays attractive all summer. 

Dark Reiter

8-10". Dark mound of finely cut plum to purple foliage contrasts with lilac blue flowers. 


18-20 inches, zones 5-8. 

Large 2½ inch violet blue flowers from mid June to October. Foliage turns red in the fall. 

Johnson Blue

Zone 4-8. Periwinkle blue. Forms a wide15-18" clump. 2" blooms. 

New Hampshire Purple

12-18". A profusion of magenta-purple flowers cover the compact, spreading mounds of cut leaves. Turns brilliant crimson-red in the fall. One of the best low-growing geraniums.


(Avens, Grecian Rose) Zones 5-7 

Blazing Sunset

Zone 5-7. Fully double scarlet flowers that begin in late spring. Borders and bouquets. 24". 

Prairie Smoke

Native plant with cupped blooms and feathery pink seed heads on fern-like leaves. Z3-7. 8-12". 

Totally Tangerine

Z4-7. Incredible performer with robust flowering habit. 30" plants with strong stems and bright apricot flowers mound and remain attractive all season.


(Baby's Breath)

Zone 3-9.

Full sun. 

Festival Star

Compact. Dense sprays of pure white flowers. Long lasting. 12-18"