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Zone 4-8. Vigorous vines with profuse, attractive blooms.

Sun to partial shade.                        

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Blue Explosion 

8" Incredible bloom power of semi-double large, blue flowers with a hint of pink at the tips. Second bloom are singles. 

Crater Lake 

6-10 with 6" blossoms. Gorgeous double, long blooming selection with periwinkle to soft blue flowers and a small tuft of ivory anthers. 


5-7" Dark pink blooms with white stars. No need to prune. 6-9 ft. vines, June-Sept. 

Ernest Markham 

8-16 with 5" blossoms. Vigorous grower that performs will in sun or in shade. Late summer velvety magenta-red blooms are one of the easiest to grow. 


6-8" purple blooms with red stars. No need to prune. 8-10 ft. vines, May-Jne. Aug-Sept. 


5-7" waterfall of fragrant blue blossoms bloom in June & Aug. Can take light shade and containers. 6-8 


The most profuse blooming dark purple Clematis. June, July and September blooming. 

Nelly Moser 

7-9" striped mauve and deep purplish-pink with dk. red stamens. Showy. 6-10 ft., May-June, Sept. 


7" Velvety ruby cup-like flowers with white stamens hold their color from May to Sept. 


Very vigorous grower with clusters of small very fragile white flowers. Blooms August-September. A real winner! 


5". One of the heaviest bloomers Light pink ruffled petals have a magenta pink margin and purple anthers. May-June; Sept. 

Red Cardinal 

4-6" red, curving blooms. 6-10 ft. July-Sept. 

Red Star 

4-6 Double magenta blossoms twice a year-spring and fall. 4-6 feet. 

Serious Black 

 6. Extraordinarily dark purple foliage forms an upright, self-supporting clump of intertwining stems so no trellis is required. Foliage matures to olive green and is topped with a profusion of antique ivory blossoms and silvery seed heads. 

Sweet Autumn 

Produces clusters of fragrant, white, sparkly flowers late summer. Grow on trellis. Z4-8. 30". 

The President 

8-12. Deep violet flowers with dark reddish-purple margins. Blossoms are single and 6-8". Attractive seed heads. 


6-11. Impressive plant erupts with a stream of large, deep velvety red blossoms with yellow anthers for several months. Vigorous grower that tolerates light shade. 


Huge 6-8" magenta blooms with reddish purple bars. 8-10 feet. Early to mid-season.