DAYLILIES (Hemerocallis)

One of the most reliable, sun-loving flowering plants, they thrive in well-prepared soil, come in hundreds of varieties, and can be divided after three years.

Some bloom for a few weeks, others for all season.

Cherokee Star 

Impressive, huge 7" cherry red blossoms with a yellow throat that radiates into the curved petals. Strong scapes. 32" 

Chicago Apache (Marsh-Klehm) 

Intense scarlet red. Ruffled edges with a deep tone. Extremely sunfast and more resistant to thrips than most reds. Very vigorous grower with healthy foliage and sturdy scapes. 

Desert Flame 

36". Large, flaming orange blossoms beautifully ruffled with a lime green throat. Strong, well-budded and branched scapes. Reblooms. Foliage lasts all season. 

Early Snow 

29". Flawless, giant 7", crm. Flowers with a yellow-grn. throat. Sturdy, 4-5 way scapes. Ruffles and diamond dusted petals. 

Earlybird Cardinal 

21". First, very early, continuous blooming red. Pie crust edge and chartreuse throat. Grows quickly. Z4-9. 

Erin Lea 

Consistent, perfect flower form and rebloom habit make this golden yellow, frilly ruffled lily an impressive addition. Strong scapes and well-branched. 24". Happy Returns 
(Stella) 18". Produces small, canary yellow blossoms in waves from early summer to the first frost. Heat tolerant. 

Going Bananas 

An improved 'Happy Returns' with larger flowers and nearly continuous bloom into the fall. Ten to 15 blooms per scape. 19-22". 

Jazz King 

30". Vigorous, heavily blooming, very fragrant, orange-gold flowers with a raspberry eye. Ruffled, profuse buds. 

Lavender Stardust 

26". Clear lavender pink, diamond dusted with pink midribs and a brt. yellow halo and soft grn. throat. Heavily budded. Ruffled. 

Majestic Move 

Very large 6" flowers that open flat and wide on candelabra branched scapes. Bright yellow with broad, thick ruffled petals. 28" 

Midnight Raider 

30". Great performer. Thick, well-budded scapes with large, deep red-purple flowers with a citron-yel. halo and green throat. Fragrant. Ruffled. Rebloomer 

Mighty Chestnut

30" Unique russet, red-orange with a deep burgundy eye. Fragrant. 

New in Town 

30". Tall, well-branched with 50 or more golden fragrant flowers per scape. Late season. Foliage nice all season. 


26". Fragrant dark purple blossoms with purple veining and a chartreuse throat and ruffled petals. Heavy bloomer on well-branched scapes. 

Pardon Me 

18" Miniature produces cranberry red flowers with yellow and brt. grn. throat. Mid-Jl. To Mid-Oct. 

Pink Abundance 

26". Bloom power in rose pink, diamond dusted petals edged in rffles. Yellow watermark. 

Primal Scream

34". Award winner. Enormous, tangerine, gold-dusted ruffled petals. 

Red Hot Returns (Stella) 

Z5-9/ Continuous blooming, cherry red blossoms with a yellow and apple green throat with ruffled petals. Vigorous all summer. 

Red Razzmatazz 

Big, strong, vigorous plant that has fire engine red flowers with a yellow throat and pie crust ruffled sepals. Sunfast, well-branched and heavily budded. 32". 

Rosy Returns 

Everblooming rose pink flower with a deep rose eyezone and yellow throat. 

Ruby Spider 

34". Huge 9", ruby red flowers with a radiating yel. throat with long petals that open wide. 

South Seas 

30". Corl-tangerine with a reddish and yel. throat. Smooth, rounded ruffled petals. Vigorous-tons of buds. 


34". First to bloom and continues all summer. Large, golden-orange petals. Disease resistant leaves. 

Stella De Oro 

15" Most popular, brt. gold profuse blooms all season. 

Stella Supreme 

14". A continuous bloomer with triangular lemon yellow flowers. Stolen Treasure 26". Charming pink bitones with a prominent yellow halo. Large, 6.5" flowers are ruffled and diamond dusted. 

Sun Dried Tomatoes

32-36" One of the most outstanding red daylilies with a golden green throat and perfect pie crust ruffled petals. Heavily budded for many weeks. 

Tiger Swirl 

Huge 6½" triangular-shaped flowers are light golden yellow with a pronounced raspberry red eye. Bottom sepals curl into a "swirling" motion. 32" 

When Sweetheart Returns

14-16" Everblooming blossoms in a soft peachy yellow with a rose pink eye, lemon throat and ruffled petals.