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Zones 3-8

Coneflowers make an impressive addition to the late summer garden.
Their thick deep taproots make them extremely drought tolerant.
They bloom throughout the summer and their seed heads are attractive throughout the fall and winter.

Cheyenne Spirit
Zones 4-9.  Variety of colors.  Bushy plant 22-30".

Zones 4-8.  Vibrant yellow 3" blossoms on16-18" sturdy, well-branched stems.

Delicious Candy
Glowing fuchsia flowers have single ray petals.  Dark green leaves on compact plants.  18-24".  Zones 4-9.

Double Scoop Cranberry
4 fragrant, double pom-pom flowers put on a sizzling hot show, never fading as the flowers age.  Sturdy, well-branched clump.  24-26".  Zones 4-9.

Glowing Dream
Zones 4-8.  16-24".  Watermelon-coral flowers are produced on compact plants that boast a long bloom period.

Green Jewel
Zones 3-8.  Fragrant, light green blooms with a dk. green cone.  20-24"

Hot Papaya
Zones 4-9.  Red-orange pom-pom blooms are highly fragrant.  Good cut flower.  30-36"

Zones 4-8.  Tangerine orange 4" fragrant blossoms.  Strong, well-branched stems.  16-18".  

Lemon Yellow
24-26".  Rich yellow blossoms with a copper cone produce freely all summer on well-branched, sturdy plants.

Pow Wow White
Sensation Pink Intense pink colored 3 flowers on dark stems.  18-20".  Zones 4-8.

Pow Wow Wild Berry
Zones 3-8.  Deep pink 4" blossoms on stiff, well-branched stems.
 Compact 18-24".

Purple Emperor
Zones 4-8.  Large magenta blossoms form a bushy clump.  15-18".

Salsa Red
24-26".  Spicy, orange-red blossoms produce freely on well-branched plants.

Solar Flare
Zones 4-8.  Huge 5-6" fragrant, magenta blossoms on sturdy, near black stems of 24-36".  

Sombrero Adobe Orange
This new cone flower is one of the best oranges to date. 2-3" flowers with dark green foliage.  Profuse blooms in the garden or containers.
18-20".  Zones 4-9.

Tomato Soup
24-26" deep red blossoms.

Zones 3-8.  Fragrant pure white with a green cone flower.
Superior flowering habit.  20-24".




Zones 3-8

Once established, this versatile ground cover can tolerate dry shade.
Use in mass plantings.

Zones 4-8.  Long spurred, amethyst purple flowers are held well above the foliage that emerges bronzy red and turns green in summer, then back to bronze in fall. 8-12"



(Joe Pye Weed, Chocolate Snakeroot). 

Zones 3-7

Broad panicles of purple flowers on dark red stems.  Attracts butterflies 2-3'.  Zones 3-8.

Baby Joe
Miniature version of the Joe Pye weed. 2-3 feet tall.

Mist Flower
Zones 4-9.  Clusters of bright white flowers set off by chocolate foliage that attracts butterflies.  Sun/Shade.  Blooms in the fall.  3-4' by 2'.



(Cushion Spurge) 

18".  Phenomenal colors of deep purple, red and orange leaves are set ablaze with sulfur yellow bracts in the spring.  Turns rich red in the fall.   Forms a rounded mound.

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