(Rose Mallow)

Zone 4-9


8" white flowers with magenta tipped ruffled petals and veining with a cherry eye. 

Cranberry Crush
Short 3-4" clump with scarlet 8" blooms. Deep grn., leathery, maple-like leaves.


Darkest red available. 8-10" blooms on well-branched 4' stalks. 

Mars Maddness

Zones 4-9 4'.  Dark olive maple-like leaves contrast with huge magenta red flowers. 

Midnight Marvel

Stunning combination or bright red, 9" blossoms & deep wine maple-like leaves. Compact. Indeterminate. 

Mocha Moon

Zones 4-9.
Dark foliage, slightly cupped pure white 8" flowers with a scarlet red eye make for a showy plant. 

My Valentine

Bright green foliage & 8" velvety, long lasting red blooms. Ind. 

Plum Crazy

Robust shrub-like plant with 10" lavender-plum blooms and dk. grn. maple-like leaves. 

Starry Starry Night

Zones 4-9.
Stunning pale pink flowers with darker pink speckling and veining against the darkest maple-like foliage to date make this a must have. 

Sultry Kiss

Super long lasting 9-11" fuchsia blooms.
Purple stems, bronzy maple-like leaves.

Summerific Summer Storm

Deep wine foliage, 9" pink with rose veining and magenta eye blossoms. Long bloom.

Vintage Wine

Near black buds open to huge, scarlet red flowers that shimmer in the sun.
Dark green, hear-shaped leaves form a densely upright clump.