All Hostas are Zones 3-9.
Long lived, carefree, shade tolerant plants with beautiful leaves, hostas keep their tidy look all season and come in all sizes.  Stalks of white to lavender, lily-like blooms appear midseason.  One of the easiest plants to grow and divide, they like well-drained soil and are shade loving with some varieties tolerating sun.
All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Grand Prize

Broad green leaves have a very wide bright gold margins that lighten to cream in the summer.  Dark purple flowers.  12x24"  (Related to Grand Tiara.) 

Great Expectations

(Bond/Aden 88)

A specimen that will live up to its name!  Beautiful large yellow puckered leaves are edged by wide, irregular margins of blue and light green.  Clusters of white flowers mid-summer.  Acclaimed as one of the worlds most beautiful hosta varieties. 


(Solberg 94)

One of the most beautiful new hosta introductions, this magnificent plant is a mutation of Fragrant Bouquet.  Guacamole has chartreuse leaves (apple-green) margined by a wide dark greened edge.  Large fragrant flowers open in August.  Compliments Fragrant Bouquet and Fried Green Tomatoes. 

Guardian Angel

Stunning, wide, blue-green leaves with a white center that gets a light green cast by late spring.  Light lavender flowers.  2'x3-4' 

Half and Half

12"x18".  Dark green wide leaves have pure white centers.

Hudson Bay

24x26".  Wide, bright blue margins contrast with apple green jetting and creamy white centers.  White flowers. 

Humpback Whale

36x48".  Forms a massive, dome-shaped mound of blue-green, corrugated, heart-shaped leaves.  White flowers.  


22x26".  Dark green leaves with a creamy white margin speckled with green.  Large lavender flowers.  

Island Breeze

12x28".  Bright green margins surround bright yellow centers that turn chartreuse in shade.  Showy red petioles.  Dark lavender flowers. 


15x20".  Blue green margins and chartreuse centers make this award winner a showy addition. 

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