Long lived, carefree, shade tolerant plants with beautiful leaves, hostas keep their tidy look all season and come in all sizes.

Stalks of white to lavender, lily-like blooms appear midseason.

One of the easiest plants to grow and divide, they like well-drained soil and are shade loving with some varieties tolerating sun.

Abiqua Drinking Gourd 

18x22". Dark blue-green seersucker leaves in a cupped form. 

Alligator Alley 

18x28". Coarsely textured mound of leathery, puckered, heart-shaped leaves. Wide, blue-green margins with chartreuse centers. White flowers. 

American Hero 

12"/16-20". A tough, durable variety that has wide, dark margins and a creamy white center speckled with green. Lavender flowers. 

Autumn Frost 

12x14. Very showy with leaves that emerge frosty blue with wide yellow margins and then turn green with creamy white margins. Lavender flowers. 

Blue Angel 

36"x48". Solid blue, large, textured leaves. Easy to grow. Lavender flowers. 

Blue Ivory 

16x22". Wide, creamy margins with a blue center that brightens to a green blush edge and blue-green center in summer. Lavender flowers. 

Blue Mouse Ears 

8x12" Small hosta with thick, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves. Perfectly shaped mound. Clusters of lav. bell-shaped flowers. 

Bridal Falls 

27x44". Cascading mound of wavy, heart-shaped leaves, green with pale yellow margins. Lt. lavender flowers. 

Bright Lights 

(Aden/Klehm NR) 
M This vigorous tokudama type with thick heart-shaped leaves is probably the best variegated tokudama on the market. Puckered gold leaves with a streaky blue margin draw garden visitors like a magnet. This choice hosta has white bell shaped flowers in mid-summer. 

Brim Cup 

(Aden 86) 
Brim Cup boasts rich green cupped seersucker leaves with wide irregular white margins. It quickly forms a mature specimen plant. Lavender flowers in mid-summer. 

Brother Stephan 

20x 24". A favorite of hosta enthusiasts with its large clump of thich, corrugated, puckered chartreuse and blue margined leaves. Near white flowers. 

Captain Kirk 

20x30". Broad, heavy leaves with wide, dark green margins and bright gold centers. 

Coast to Coast 

30x36". This giant, solid gold host has thick, puckered, wavy leaves in an upright vase-shaped clump. Pale violet flowers. 

Cool as a Cucumber 

This vigorous quickly growing hosta forms a showy 28x40" clump of elongated clear white leaves with bright green margins. Graceful upright arching habit. 

Curly Fries 

16x16". Forms an arching, wiggly clump of extremely rippled, narrow leaves. 

Dancing Stars 

24"x30". Crisp white center and blue-green margins. Lav. Flowers. 

Designer Genes 

18x20. Beautiful yellow-leafed hosta with red stems. Holds its color most of the season turning chartreuse. Red scapes carry purple flowers. 

Diamonds are Forever 

10x22". Showy wide-margined leaves with green centers. Vigorous grower to form a wide, flattish mound of small leaves. Purple flowers. 

Empress Wu 

3x4. Largest known hosta sold. Huge, thick, dark green, deeply veined leaves. Violet flowers. 

First Frost 

This award winner has deep blue-green leaves that emerge with a gold margin that changes to pure white. 
Does well in containers and garden. Lt. lavender flowers 16x28". 

Grand Prize 

Broad green leaves have a very wide bright gold margins that lighten to cream in the summer. Dk. purple flowers. 12x24" (Related to Grand Tiara.) NOTE: May be sold out. 

Great Expectations 

(Bond/Aden 88) 
A specimen that will live up to its name! Beautiful large yellow puckered leaves are edged by wide, irregular margins of blue and light green. Clusters of white flowers mid-summer. Acclaimed as one of the worlds most beautiful hosta varieties. 


(Solberg 94) 
One of the most beautiful new hosta introductions, this magnificent plant is a mutation of Fragrant Bouquet. Guacamole has chartreuse leaves (apple-green) margined by a wide dark greened edge. Large fragrant flowers open in August. Compliments Fragrant Bouquet and Fried Green Tomatoes. 

Guardian Angel 

Stunning, wide, blue-green leaves with a white center that gets a light green cast by late spring. Lt. lav. flowers. 2'x3-4'. 

Hudson Bay

24x26". Wide, bright blue margins contrast with apple green jetting and creamy white centers. White flowers. 

Humpback Whale 

36x48" Forms a massive, dome-shaped mound of blue-green, corrugated, heart-shaped leaves. White flowers. 


22x26" Dark green leaves with a creamy white margin speckled with green. Lge. Lav. flowers. 

Island Breeze 

Bright green margins surround bright yellow centers that turn chartreuse in shade. Showy red petioles. Dk. lav. flowers. 12x28" 


Blue green margins and chartreuse centers make this award winner a showy addition. 15x20". 

Krossa Regal 

40x48" Frosted gray-green leaves grow vase-like. Strong, wavy leaves and tall scapes. Lav. flowers. 


A sport of 'Sagae' with wide jetting yellow margins with much heavier leaves. 26x40" 


18x20" Best white centered hosta with deep green margins. Heavy leaves with lav. flowers. 

Mini Skirt

5x7". Very wavy, thick blue-green leaves with a wide, creamy yellow margin. Centers turn green and edges whiten in summer. Lavender striped flowers. 

Minute Man

18x24". Stunning plant with dark green centers bordered in wide, pure white edges. Pale lavender flowers. 

Montana Aureomarginata 

(AHS, 1987) 
This large hosta displays arching wedge shaped green leaves sporting irregular margins of yellow which turn to cream as the season progresses. Pale lavender flowers mid-summer. One of the most admired forms, in the shady landscape. It is outstanding used as a specimen or as a background planting. 

Rainbows End 

11x17". Shiny, bright yellow leaves have dark green margins that jet into the center. Showy red scapes with dark lavender flowers. 

Regal Supreme

28/34-66" Wide leaf creamy wavy margins and frosty blue leaves. Tall scapes, lav. flowers. 


18x22" Dark green thick leaves with a broad, cream center speckled with green. Lav. flowers. 


(AHS 87) 
Sagaes dramatic color combination and majestic form should cast it in a leading role in any landscape. With its regal vase-shaped growth habit it is the perfect candidate for underplanting ground covers or smaller hostas. Sagaes large frosty blue leaves with their creamy yellow margin sets it in a class by itself. Pale lavender flowers in mid-summer. Declared by the American Hosta Growers as Hosta of the year for the year 2000! 

Shadowland Whee! 

Like a little girl's wavy locks, these extremely wavy leaves are ruffled from top to bottom in a green leaf with white margin. Lt. lav. flowers. 18x24" 

Stained Glass 

A sport of 'Guacamole' with huge 10½" brilliant gold and wide, dark green margined leaves. 15x30" with pale lav. flowers. Good sun tolerance. 

Sum and Substance 

36x48" Giant hosta with green to light chartreuse depending on light. Sun tolerant. Lav. flowers. 


30x54". Hosta of the year, 2015. Develops into a low, pinwheel-like mound of pointy, lance-shaped leaves of good substance. Blue-green leaves have yellow margins. 


15x18". Award winner sporting wavy, tapering leaves that may reach 10" long. They are blue-green with wide, gold margins forming a dense, cascading mound.