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All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.



(Zones 3-10)
Large, elegant sun-loving blooms appear on strong stalks for a short but showy season.  They gently spread from rhizomes and can be divided easily in the fall.
Some varieties rebloom.  Heralding in spring are the distinctive dwarf bearded Iris, often times referred to as the dwarf version of the Tall Bearded Iris. Dwarf Iris is one of the earliest Iris to bloom, flowering here in April and May.  Fall is one of the best times for planting for better flowering performance in the spring.

Bernice's Legacy
NEW for 2018.  A red Iris that perfoms well. Vigorous rebloomer.  32".

Dwarf Baby Blessed
10" Top award winner as the best rebloomer.   Light lemon blossoms.  Very early bloomer.

Dwarf Blueberry Tart
11".  Blueberry standards, buttery gold to copper falls rimmed in blue and fuzzy blue beards.  One of the earliest bloomers.

Earl of Essex
White flowers have orchid violet veining and edges.  Strong rebloomer to Zone 4.  35".

German Best Bet
36".  Rebloomer with first early season.  Pale blue standards with deep blue falls.

German Firebreather
42".  Early to Mid season rebloomer with bright orange color and fragrant mid-size blooms.

German Fringe of Gold
38".  Creamy white falls and golden yellow edges.  Canary yellow standards.

German Speeding Again
38".  Strong rebloomer.  Dark Blue to dark violet blooms.  Midseason.

Pure white with pale lemon beards.  Strong sweet fragrance.  Nearly everblooming once established to Zone 3.  29".

Siberian Contrast in Styles
Zones 3-9.  Incredible contrasting color patterns make these 4-5" blooms in wine and blue-purple a standout.  28-34".

34".  Closest to near black that you will find in the industry.  Mid-season. 

Variegata (pallida)
Sweet Iris has striking green and ivory leaves.  Classic lavender flowers.  Most reliable and disease resistant of all Tall Bearded Irises.  34".



(Tritoma, Red Hot Poker) 

Zones 6-9

Fire Dance
Hardiest red hot poker, compact.  20".




Zones 6-9 

Cherry Mocha
A shrub-like plant with woody stems that gets up to 2 ½'.  Cherry flowers contrast with burgundy stems and dark foliage.

Sweet Macchiato
Upright, branched and bushy selection with dark blue-greenoliage and hot pin flower cluster with yellow stamens.



(Spotted Dead Nettle) 

Zones 3-8

Herbaceous ground cover or contrast plant which radiates color in darker shaded areas.  Dormancy breaks early in spring and foliage lasts until late fall.  Not as invasive as other forms.  Semi-shade is best, but will do well in heavier shade.

maculatum Beacon Silver
4-8" spring.  Silver-white leaves and green margin.  Lavender-pink flowers.

maculatum Pink Pewter
4-8" spring.  Similar to 'White Nancy' but with clear pink flowers.

maculatum White Nancy
4-8" spring.  White flowering form of 'Beacon Silver'.

Purple Dragon
4-5".  Large, deep-purple flowers bloom over, dense, silver foliage choking out weeds.



(Shasta Daisy) 

Zones 5-9

3" Wide pure white blooms on long stems perfect for cutting.  24-36"

Cream Puff
Zones 5-9.  This Shasta Daisy has lemon yellow buds that open to creamy 3-4" blooms.  Deadheading encourages rebloom.  Compact at 14-16".

Creamy yellow pom-pom-like blooms.

This impressive hardy variety bears double, pure white flowers on sturdy stems.  Frilly, thin petals.  18-24"x24".

Snow Cap
A profusion of white, long lasting flowers on neat mounded plants.
14-18"x18".  Zones 4.

Snow Lady
Dwarf plant produces an abundance of bright white flowers.  10-12".  

White Breeze
Zones 3-8.  12x12".  Dwarf plant with many are, bright white blooms on strong stems.  Adapts to a wide range of climates.

Compact, uniform habit with better flower coverage and fuller blossoms.  15".



Zones 6-8
Lewisias need excellent drainage.  Excellent for rock gardens.

Mix of pink, rose salmon, yellow, orange and soft purple, some bi-colored.  6-8".  Good for slopes.  New variety with bright pink, white-edged blossoms and orange centers.  Zones 6-9.

Little Plum
Zones 4-8.  Many pink-purple flowers tinged with orange above leathery dark green foliage.   Use in rock gardens or slopes (need good drainage)
Full sun to partial shade.  6"x10".



(Gayfeather, Blazing Star) 

Zones 3-9

Stately wand-like flowers makes a strong vertical accent.

spicata Kobold
24" early summer.  Compact plant.  Rose-lavender flowers.  Earliest to bloom in the Liatris family.



(Ragwort, Senecio)

Zones 4-9
The genus is characterized by handsome foliage.  They prefer moist but not wet locations in humus-enriched soil.

Britt Marie Crawford
Broad, glossy, chocolate-purple leaves with daisy-like golden orange blooms.  3-4'.

King Kong
Zones 4-9.  3-4'.  16" leaves are a glossy black-purple(greener in full shade).  Golden orange, daisy-like flowers. Morning sun only.

Midnight Lady
Large clump of broad, bronze, serrated leaves topped with orange, daisy-like blooms.  35-40"

Bottle Rocket
28-34".  More compact with excellent, proportional dense clumps of thick, serrated green leaves with mustard yellow spikes.  Foliage holds up well in heat.



(Cardinal Flower)

Zones 5-9.  An excellent border plant for moist locations.  Dense flower spikes in late summer.  A real hummingbird magnet.  Afternoon shade is best.

30" late summer.  Zones 2-9.  Brilliant red flowers.




Sun/Part Shade.  Zones 4-9

Dropmore Scarlet
Up to 12 inches.  Scarlet red trumpets on on bluish green foliage.




Zone 4

Gallery Blue
Compact plants with spires of blue flowers over a dense mound of bright green leaves.  20".

Gallery Red

Gallery Yellow



(Variegated Yellow Loosestrife) 

Zones 4-8

Golden Alexander
Stable variegated foliage and more compact, this sport of 'Alexander' has yellow blossoms along the stems in June and July.
Likes moist, well-drained soil. 24x24".

Nummularia Aurea
This fast growing groundcover has small yellow flowers and round green leaves.  Beautiful in hanging baskets. 10x7".

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