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All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.



(Hollyhock Mallow) 

Zones 4-8

sylvestris Zebrina
36" early summer.  Zone 3.  This tough perennial is heat and drought tolerant.  Looks like a small hollyhock with its 2 inch bowl shaped pale pink flowers striped with raspberry-red veins.  The flowers look like pinwheels all summer giving a colorful performance from early summer to frost.  Sometimes short-lived, but self-sows freely.



(Bee Balm, Bergamot, Oswego Tea)

Zones 4-9

Aromatic mint-like foliage.  Flowers borne on whorls.  Good border plant that naturalizes readily.

Balmy Purple
Zones 4-9.  10-12'.  Rich purple-red flowers bloom early on compact plants with good mildew resistance.

Balmy Rose
10-12".  Upright plant with bold color and profuse blooms spring to summer.  Best mildew protection.

Cherry Pops

Grape Gumball
These 3 varieties are part of the "Sugar Buzz".  All are vigorous, 20-24".

Lilac Lollipop
Mildew resistant with dark green foliage.  Zones 4-9.

Pardon My Cerise
Zones 4-9.  14-18".  This petite selection grows vigorously to form a compact clump of aromatic, deep green foliage and dark cherry pink 3" flowers.

Pardon My Purple
Petite at 10-12".  Vigorous, bushy with 2-3" fuchsia flowers on deep green glossy foliage.  Mildew resistant.

Pink Lace
Dense, rounded clump of brt. green foliage with pink flowers.
Long bloom time.  16".

Sugar Buzz Blue Moon
This easy to grow, vigorous bee balm will fill a container but not take over the garden. Lavendar-blue flowers with and purple bracts.
20".  Zones 4-9.

Sugar Buzz Rockin'
14-18".  Raspberry sparkly folwers rise above dark foliage.



(Catmint, Catnip )

Zones 3-8
Use in borders or as billowy edging for paths.

Cat's Meow
Tidy, dense, rounded shape all season.  Aromatic with sky blue flowers. Long bloom time.  17-20".  

Zones 5-9.  8x32".  Lime green foliage sprinkled with blue flowers all summer.  Very low habit.

Little Trudy
Zones 4-9.   12x18".  Short and compact with silvery green foliage and purple flowers that bloom all season.

Purrsian Blue
Dense mound of green, aromatic foliage with periwinkle blue flowers.
Long bloom time.  14-18".

Walkers Low
10-14 inches.  Zones 4-7.  Blue purple flowers appear from May to late fall.



(Evening Primrose, Sundrop) 

Zones 3-8

Lemon Drop
Long lasting 2" lemon yellow blossom are drought tolerant, deer resistant, and bloom all season.  8-12".  

Canary yellow.  3" blooms that have 2-3" seedpods great for drying for floral arrangements.  9-12".

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