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All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.



(Japanese Spurge)

Green Carpet
Vigorous spreader of deep, evergreen foliage.  White, bottle-brush flowers in spring.  6-12".

Zones 4-9.  Fast growing dense evergreen carpet of shiny foliage with white flowers in summer.  Grow in full shade.  Great groundcover under trees.



Garden Peonies

Adolphe Rousseau
Huge, double, carmine colored flowers with yellow stamens.  Very tall (36-40") with robust foliage.

30-36".  Huge 6-8" pastel yellow blooms have a small rose purple center and pronounced sweet scent.  Blossoms are neatly spaced on the top and sides of a sturdy clump of healthy green tree-peony like foliage.

Coral Charm
36".  Semi-double, deep coral buds bloom early.   Dark, green foliage.

Coral Sunset
28".  Intense, semi-double intense colored blooms make this an award winner.

Dr. Alexander
30".  Fragrant, fully double, pink blooms abound in early summer.   Has many side blooms.  Central petals curl inward, achieving a sphere=like shape.

Duchess De Nemours
34".  Award winning plant for fragrant, white, globe shaped double blooms and a yellow center glow.  Prolific bloomer has strong stems and nice foliage.

Felix Crousse
28".  Carmine-red.   Fragrant, double bloom.  Cut flowers.

36"x36".  A showy, double bloom packed with watermelon red petals form on exceptionally strong stems and last 7-10 days.

Karl Rosenfield
34".  Double bright fuchsia-red.  Early to midsummer.

Paula Fay
35".  Award winning peony is incredibly showy in bloom but is also revered for its excellent habit and dark green foliage.   Glowing hot pink, large semi-doubled blooms have a central boss of bright gold stamens on strong stems.

Sarah Bernhardt
34".  Double, gigantic, apple blossom-pink flowers.   Early to midsummer.   Nice dried cut flower.

Victoire de la Marne
Striking very large, purplish-red double bloom.  This loosely formed flower blooms mid-season on strong stems.



Fern Leaf/Mother Day Peonies

This classic is valued for its delicate fern-like foliage.  Blooms earlier that other peonies with double red flowers.  15-20"x15-20".  Zones 3-8.



Tree Peonies

For sunny, well-drained soil. Partial shade will make blooms last longer. Do not cut down in the fall-woody stems carry next year's buds.

(Floral Beauty)
4-5" Apricot-pink petals with a soft pink edge. Semi-double blooms.

(Sweet 17)
4-5' Lipstick red, semi-double blooms. Very dramatic in the garden.

High Noon
4-5' Strong grower flowers freely in spring. Can rebloom in fall. Very large 6-9", semi-double,fragrant, yellow flowers with red flares.

8", semi-double, fragrant, rich magenta purple blossoms.

(Fire Flame)
4-5' Two-toned reddish purple flowers striped with white. Semi-double.



(Oriental Poppy)

Zones 3-7.  
Colorful flowers with black stamens. Hairy basal leaves. Good for fall planting. For best results, plant 3 inches below soil surface.

orientale nana 'Allegro
20" late spring.   Vivid splashes of black on scarlet flowers. Excellent dwarf form.

Beauty of Livermore
Zones 3-7.  30".  Deep oxblood red flowers measure 4-6" across. One of the finest reds.

Champagne Bubble Mix
Delicate, crepe-like flowers.  Mass plantings, containers.  Zones 3-7.  12-15".

Dwarf Allegro
16".  Large, cup-shaped, scarlet red flowers.

Flamingo Dancer
Large, true red fringed petals. 30".

Orange Scarlet
Zones 3-7.  34x20".  Large, cup shaped, papery, multi-petaled blooms. Strong, graceful stems. 

Prince of Orange
Tangerine blooms 4-5' across.  Zones 3-7.  30".




Zone 3-8

Dark Towers
Strong deep wine purple stems with a mass of lavender pink flowers. 36-42".

Midnight Masquerade
Zone 3-8.  Incredible dark eggplant purple foliage and dark purple flowers with white flaring tubes.  Stays upright all season.  28-34".

Prarie Dusk
Thin spikes covered in rose/purple trumpet-like flowers. Drought tolerant; easy to grow. Attracts hummingbirds. 24-30".  

Prairie Splendor
26 inches, zone 4.   Large flowers in white and shades of rose, lavender, and pink for about 4 weeks.

Red Rocks
Zones 4-8. 18x15". Reddish flowers with white striped throats over dark green, shiny leaves that form a shrubby mound.



(Russian Sage)

Zones 4-9

Russian Sage is a delightful subshrub with small, narrow grey green leaves and a loose open habit.  Small tubular lavender blue flowers bloom for an incredibly long period of time, from late summer into fall.

36-48" late summer
Dissected foliage.  Lavender-blue flowers.  A great 'filler' for the garden.  Softens up harsher colors.

Denim and Lace
Zones 4-8.  One of the best with its compact growth, strong stems, and upright growth.  Lacy-like flowers.  28-32".

Little Spire
25" late summer
An introduction from Future Plants.  Selected for its short upright habit that prevents it from flopping in the landscape.

Lacey Blue
Lacy, silver foliage with the longest blooming of this variety.  Beds, cut flowers.  Zones 4-9.  12-18".

24-28".  Shortest Russian sage.  Very lacy leaves.

A narrower, upright vase-shaped habit at 3'.  Aromatic with large, fluffy lavender blue flowers.



(Tall Phlox, Garden Phlox) 

Zones 4-8
Super hardy plant that comes in tall bunches with large, long lasting blooms that blooms profusely in the spring and spreads 1-2' each year in sun to part shade in moist soil.

Candy Stripes
Vigorous ground cover of 18".  Heat, drought and disease resistant that does well on slopes and in rock gardens.  Will do any tough area as long as there is good drainage.   Big petals with blush edges surround pink with red dots in the center.

Zones 4-8.  New variety that has a dome-like shape with lavender flowers and bright pink eyes.  Excellent disease resistance and leaves that stay clean all summer.  28".

Crimson Beauty
4x16".  Low mound of dark green needle-like foliage displays bright rosy-red flowers.

Flame Purple
Rich purple flowers with a small darker eye.  Ground cover.

Flame Red

Intense red flowers.  

Glamour Girl
32".  Showstopper with large blooms in hot coral pink.  Fragrant and disease resistant.

Kung Fuschia
Zones 4-8.  This new fuchsia has intense, bright pink flowers.  A clumping variety that blooms earlier than others, is mildew resistant even in hot, humid summers.  16-18".

Millstream Daphane
Zone 3.  A hot pink creeping variety with full blossoms that spreads 24".

Opening Act
Zones 4-8.  18-20".  Blooms early with a long season of pure white flowers.  Reblooms early fall.

Orange Perfection
36".  Summer. Orange.

Violet Pinwheels
Zone 4.  Creeping variety that spreads 18" in violet.

White Eye
Snow white with magenta eye.




Perfect ground cover for rock gardens, borders, banks, and slopes.

Creeping Atropurpurea
Ground cover of fuchsia pink flowers.  Zones 2-9. 

Early Purple
13-16".  Early color on neatly compact plants.  Fragrant purple blossoms with white centers.

Flame Coral
Vibrant coral red.  15-18".  Zones 3-8. 

Flame Purple
Rich purple flowers with a darker eye.

Flame Red
Clusters of large, fragrant red blooms over compact habit.  Beds, patio containers.  Zone 4.  12-20". 

Minnie Pearl
Early bloomer with incredible disease resistance and a slowly spreading habit of large pure white clusters with glossy green foliage.  15-20". 

Pixie Twinkle
15-20".  Compact, long blooming baby pink flowers with darker eyes.

Red Riding Hood
22".  Vivid clusters of cherry-red flowers on strong stems.  Long blooming. Attracts hummingbirds.

Subulata Red Wing
4-6".  Spring Striking crimson, with dark red center.



(Balloon Flower) 

Zones 3-8

Flowers are bell-shaped and bloom in summer.  Buds resemble balloons.

Sentimental Blue
6-8" summer.  Dwarf form with blue flowers.



(Jacobs Ladder)

Zones 3-7

Stairway to Heaven
Grayish-green leaf has a white and pink margin that picks up the pale lavender blue, bell-shaped flowers.  12-14"x12-18".

Touch of Class
Variegated, lacy foliage with pink buds that open to blue flowers.  14".



(Variegated Solomon's Seal) 

Zones 4-8

odoratum 'Variegatum
18-24" early spring.  

Soft green leaves edged in a broad strip of creamy white.  Long white flowers with a skirt of yellow green dangle from the axil underneath the leaves in early spring.

Prefers moist, woodland settings.



(Cinquefoil, Five Finger) 

Zones 4-8.  

Miss Willmott
Pink flowers on slender stems with a cherry-red center.  Clump forming.  Zones 4-8.  12-16"



(Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage) 

Zones 3-9.  

Silver-gray leaves lined in dk.grn. Light pink & blue bell flowers in spring. Lightens up dark shade spots.  Zones 3-9.  

Raspberry Splash
10-12".  Robust top seller with sizable clusters of bright lilac-raspberry flowers.  Upright clump of disease resistant, dark green, silver spotted leaves.



(Pasque Flower) 

Zones 4-8.  

Lovely, bell-shaped flowers about 2-3 inches wide.  Tiny ornamental fern like leaves follow the flowers.  The blooms are replaced by seeds in the form of interesting globular masses of silvery down.

vulgaris 'Rubra
8-10" early spring.   Shades of magenta to wine red.

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