Peonies (Paeonia)

For sunny to part shade (in afternoon) with rich, well-drained, neutral soil. 

Once established, drought resistant. 

Keep from harsh winds to extend life.

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Fern Leaf/Mother Day Peonies

This classic is valued for its delicate fern-like foliage. Blooms earlier that other peonies with double red flowers. 15-20"x15-20". Z3-8.

Garden Peonies

Adolphe Rousseau
Huge, double, carmine colored flowers with yellow stamens. Very tall (36-40") with robust foliage.

30-36". Huge 6-8" pastel yellow blooms have a small rose purple center and pronounced sweet scent. Blossoms are neatly spaced on the top and sides of a sturdy clump of healthy green tree-peony like foliage.

Coral Charm
36". Semi-double, deep coral buds bloom early. Dark, green foliage.

Coral Sunset
28". Intense, semi-double intense colored blooms make this an award winner.

Dr. Alexander
30". Fragrant, fully double, pink blooms abound in early summer. Has many side blooms. Central petals curl inward, achieving a sphere=like shape.

Duchess De Nemours
34". Award winning plant for fragrant, white, globe shaped double blooms and a yellow center glow. Prolific bloomer has strong stems and nice foliage.

Felix Crousse
28" Carnine-red. Fragrant, double bloom. Cut flowers.

36"x36". A showy, double bloom packed with watermelon red petals form on exceptionally strong stems and last 7-10 days/

Karl Rosenfield
34". Double bright fuchsia-red. Early to midsummer.

Paula Fay
35". Award winning peony is incredibly showy in bloom but is also revered for its excellent habit and dark green foliage. Glowing hot pink, large semi-doubled blooms have a central boss of bright gold stamens on strong stems.

Sarah Bernhardt
34". Double, gigantic, apple blossom-pink flowers. Early to midsummer. Nice dried cut flower.

Victoire de la Marne
Striking very large, purplish-red double bloom. This loosely formed flower blooms mid-season on strong stems.


For sunny, well-drained soil. Partial shade will make blooms last longer. Do not cut down in the fall-woody stems carry next year's buds.

Hanakisoi (Floral Beauty)
4-5". Apricot-pink petals with a soft pink edge. Semi-double blooms.

Hoki (Sweet 17)
4-5'. Lipstick red, semi-double blooms. Very dramatic in the garden.

High Noon
4-5'. Strong grower flowers freely in spring. Can rebloom in fall. Very large 6-9", semi-double,fragrant, yellow flowers with red flares.

8", semi-double, fragrant, rich magenta purple blossoms.

Shimanishiki (Fire Flame)
4-5'. Two-toned reddish purple flowers striped with white. Semi-double.