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All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.



(Chocolate Wings )

Zones 4-9.  10". 

Bold, shrub-like shade perennial.

Emerges brown and changes from green, bronze and red.

Flowers are burgundy-red.




Parade Karina
(Poulsen Rosa Miniature)
Zone 5.  Large deep-red buds and flowers that bloom all season.   Sun/shade plant that does well in beds or pots.  12"x12".

Parade Lipsy
Same as above but with electric yellow buds and blooms.



(Black Eyed Susan, Coneflower)

Zones 4-10.  

fulgida 'Goldsturm
24" midsummer.  

Deep yellow daisy-like flowers, black cone.  1999 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year.

Little Gold Star
Very compact dome of 2" golden blossoms on well-branched 14-16" scapes.  Good garden and container plant.  Zones 4-10.



(Irish Moss) 

4-6".  Rock garden plant that carpets the ground in white, star-shape blooms.



(Meadow Sage, Perennial Salvia)

Zones 3-8

Color Spires Violet Riot
Zones 3-8. 22".  Improvement on May Night with more vivid violet blue on denser plants.  Neater upright stems.

FASHIONISTA Midnight Model
This series is known for big, bold blooms,  Zones 3-8, 18-24".  Striking violet blue flowers in a round, dense clump.

Nemorosa May Night
18" early summer.  Outstanding cultivar.  Splendid deep purple flowers.  Long flowering.

New Dimension Blue
Very well-branched with blue-violet flowers on deep purple stems.  14-18".

Pink Dawn
A bouquet of sizeable cotton candy pink blossoms on well-branched stems.  16-20".  Zones 3-8.

Pretty in Pink
Vibrant lavender pink flowers on darker pink calyxes.

Sensation Deep Rose
16".  One of the very best new salvias with brighter pink flowers and a robust compact clump formed with dark purple stems and green foliage.  Zone 3.

Viola Klose
Outstanding spikes of violet-purple flowers are deeper and move intense in color than most perennial salvias.  Has a tight, mounded habit. 15-18".

Violet Riot
An improvement over 'May Night' with a more concentrated show of vivid violet blue color on denser, well-branched plants and neater upright flower.  22".  Zones 3-8

Windwalker Royal Red
Zones 5-9.   48x48".  Blood red flowers climb high June through October.  Very hardy. 



(Pincushion Flower) 

Zones 3-9
A delightful plant for the border and an excellent cut flower.  Attracts butterflies.

Butterfly Blue
Lavender blooms form a short mound with ferny foliage all summer long.12-18".  Zones 3-9

Pink Mist
Pink/lavender blooms that last all summer.  Drought tolerant.  12-18".  Zones 3-9.

Vivid Violet
11".  Zone 4.  Profuse, dark violet plant that spreads to 18".



Ground Cover Sedum

Zones 3-9.   Interesting fleshy-leaved plants that are perfect for a rock garden or dry areas, and taller varieties for the perennial border.   Distinct foliage changes with the seasons.  Perfectly hardy, will grow in any soil.

3-5.  Stonecrop with evergreen, needle like foliage.  In colder months the tips of turn reddish-orange.   Yellow flowers.

Fulda Glow
4".  This selection has bronze-red foliage that keeps its color all season long with rose-red flowers.

Lemon Ball
Groundcover with bright lemon blooms and spiky leaves.  Mounds and turns reddish brown in the fall.

Lime Twister
(Sunsparkler series)
Zone 4.  Lime-green leaves with creamy boarders and soft pink flower clusters.  Full sun.  Borders, containers, rock gardens.  8"x18".

10".   Beautiful blue-green arrow-shaped leaves form a dense mound.

Party Hardy Beach Party
6".   Large tight flower heads with pink blooms.   Better form than Autumn Joy.

NEW for 2018. Dark turquoise leaves have a smoky gray overlay.  Hot pink flowers create a doom-like habit.  10-12".  Zones 3-9.

Sunsparkler Cherry Tart
6x18".   Super compact growth with fantastic cherry red blooms.

Sunsparkler Dazzleberry
Low, groundcover covered with 6-8" clusters of raspberry flowers.  Zones 4-8. 

Sunsparkler Firecracker
Low-growing stonecrop (6") that has a vigorous and robust habit.  This weed-suppressing groundcover puts on a strong show of burgundy red color all season.  Vibrant pink flowers.  Zones 4-9.

Sunsparkler Lime Zinger
6".   Succulent apple green leaves edged in cherry red grow to forming a tight, weed-supressing carpet.  Large clusters of soft pink flowers bloom late summer.

Touchdown Teak
4-7".  Amazing glossy red to purple-brown leaves, red stems and a vigorous, upright habit gives a nice contrast with rose-red flowers.

Tricolor Dragonsblood
Groundcover with variegated, fleshy leaves and clusters of rosy-pink flowers.  Rock gardens.  Zones 4-8.



Upright Sedum

Autumn Charm
A very showy stonecrop with grey-green leaves with butter yellow edges in an upright clump.   Light pink blooms. 14-18". 

Autumn Delight
18-24".  Upright sedum with chartreuse-yellow leaves and a narrow, blue-green serrated margin.  Light pink flowers with bronze seed heads.

Autumn Fire
Zone 3.  Strong stems that produce rich red blooms that keep their color and dark green leaves.  18-24"x8-12".  Good in rock gardens, borders and for cutting.

Autumn Joy
24".  Late summer. (Herbstfreude) Bronze flowers on flat flower clusters.  Does equally well in full sun or light shade.

Blue Spruce
Creeping silvery-blue, spruce-like foliage with bright yellow flowers.  Zones 4-8.  6-10".

Cutting Edge
Pretty groundcover with a scalloped leaf with green centers and creamy borders.   6x12".

Frosted Fire
Zones 3-9.   2-15".   A long green leaf with white margins forms a sense upright mound with deep pink flowers.

16-18".  Unique large 5-7" panicles of citron yellow that turns peachy in the fall.  Clean, grey-green foliage forms a dense mound that does not split open.

18-24".  Late summer.  An excellent sedum from Germany.  Same dependability that Autumn Joy' has but flowering a bit earlier.  Gray-green leaves edged with rose.  Pale pink upright flowers.

Maxi Dynomite
Bold raspberry-red blossoms cover this ground cover.  6x11".

Mr. Goodbud
16".  Large 5-6" clusters of vibrant purple-pink flowers on purple stems with an upright clump of deep blue-green, serrated foliage.  Resists flopping.

24".  This upright variety has brilliant magenta pink flowers and light green leaves.  Gold fall color.

Orbit Bronze
14-15".   Bronzy-brown rounded mounds.  Pink flowers late summer.

Vera Jameson
10-12".  Glaucous mahogany-red foliage with arching stems of dusty pink.

20-24".  A compact dark foliage plant that turn burgundy in summer.  Clusters of red velvet buts open to rose flowers.



(Hen & Chicks, Houseleek) 

Zones 3-8

Interesting collection with many forms and colors.  Used in perennial borders, miniature gardens, porch boxes, garden vases, edging, and as rockery or rock wall plants.  They grow well in a wide variety of soils, even pure sand.  They should have good drainage.




Little Lemon
Compact and well branched foliage with light yellow flowers.  Containers, borders.  Zone 5.  10".



(Lambs Ears, Woolly Betony) 

Zones 4-10

Bright green, textured leaves (not fuzzy) with showy spikes of dense rose purple flowers.  18-20".

Fuzzy Wuzzy
8".  Forms a carpet of soft, fuzzy, silvery grey leaves topped with wooly, lavender flower spicks.  Also good for edging or children's gardens.

Helene Von Stein
8-10".  Non-flowering velvety plant that's heat tolerant.

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