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All Photos are courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.



(Meadow Rue) 

Zones 3-8.  Sun to part Shade.

Lavender Mist
6-8' sprays of delicate, lavender flowers provide a great background in the garden.  Good cut flower.



(Jade Peacock )


Emerges chartreuse with a deep red center and matures to glossy jade green with a deep purple center.  Compact, clumping habit.  Creamy white flowers.

Finger Paint
This foamflower is a woodland plant with bright green pointy-edgedfoliage and lacy texture.  Burgundy blotches in the center of the leaves.  Ivory flowers.  9x13".  Zones 4-9.



(Virginia Spiderwort)

Zones 3-9.  
Grasslike foliage.  Long flowering, prolific bloomer good for the border or naturalized shade areas.

Amethyst Kiss
Longer blooming with large clusters of large periwinkle blue flowers.

Charlotte's Web
Zones 3-9.  A gold foliage Spiderwort that doesn't burn in the sun.  Soft blue flowers cove the arching, bushy clumping plant.  16-18".

Sunshine Charm
Lavendar pink flowers on golden folliage.



(Japanese Toad Lily) 

Zones 4-8.  Graceful arching ladder like leaves that alternate up the stems.  The orchid-like flowers start late in the season just in time to lighten up the shade garden while everything else is falling asleep.

Autumn Glow
24-26" Showy shade plant with a bright edge and reddish purple speckled Blooms.

formosana 'Samurai
16" fall.  Zone 6.  Variegated foliage with a gold margin.  Purple flowers with darker spots. Spreader. Mulch for winter.

hirta 'Tojen
18-24".  Late summer.  Bold foliage.  Large, lavender-purple blooms fade to white in the center.




Zones 3-7
Good subject for waterside or bog gardens or other sites as long as it remains constantly moist.

Chinensis Golden Queen
30" summer.  Large golden-orange buttercup flowers.




Zones 4-8.  
Excellent plants for summer flowering.  Taller ones are good border plants. Shorter ones are good for edging.

Baby Doll
Extremely floriferous and compact plant with vibrant pink flowers.  Beds, cutting.  Zone 4.  10-12".

Enchanted Indigo
16-18".  Compact clump of bright green, glossy foliage topped with deep purple flowers in summer and again in fall.

Giles Van Hess
6".  Forms a nice mound of bright pink flowers spikes.  Long flowering.

Hocus Pocus
Zones 4-8.  16-20" well-branched, uniform growth.  Spike-like, showy flowers that last.

Magic Show
Zones 4-8.  16-18".  Versatile and upright this forms a compact clump of bright green foliage topped with deep royal purple flowers in summer and again in fall.

Pink Potion
Flowers cove the top of deep green foliage.

Red Fox
12-15".  Summer.   A long flowering red variety with erect tapering stems.

Royal Candles
15-18".  Showy, compact violet-blue flowers.

Very Van Gogh
18-20".  Paintbrush-like, rosy purple flowers on well-branched scapes.

White Wand
Well-branched flowers on dark green, glossy leaves.



(Periwinkle, Trailing Myrtle) 

Zones 4-9.
Trailing evergreen that forms a dense ground cover.
Does well in both sun and shade.

6-8".  Deep red-wine blooms over glossy trailing evergreen foliage.  Drought tolerant.



(Desert Candle)

Zones 4-10

Color Guard
Sword-like creamy-yellow leaves with green edges that have a pink flush in fall & winter.  Creamy white flower stalk.  2-3'.

2'.  Uniform, compact habit of spiky blue-green to grey leaves.  Has attractive, curly white filaments lining the leaves.

5-6'.  Summer.  (Adam's Needle) Bright green sword like foliage.  Strong stately spikes bear creamy white bell-shaped flowers.  A good specimen plant.

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