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All of our roses are shrub roses. 

This means they are maintenance free, everblooming and disease resistant.

All roses come in #2 containers.


These roses are meant for trellises and climb about 14'. They have the hardiness, profuse blooms and disease resistance of shrub roses. Above and Beyond-double blooms 

Ramblin' Red


These are ground cover roses that have the same hardy characteristics as the other shrub roses. 

Zone 4-11 (All Drifts are this zone unless stated otherwise). 

Drift roses are all low growing, up to 1½' and can even be used as a groundcover. 
Groundcover habit with double blooms for the entire season. Nice along paths. 



This mounding shrub has vibrant orange blend double blooms. Very hardy. 


Zone 3-7. Semi-double profuse 3/4'" blooms that can be used to tumble over walls or in borders.


Above and Beyond

Climbing rose bred to be hardy. Zones 3-7. 10-14'. Apricot blush double blooms. 

Campfire Pink bicolor

Zones 3-7; 3'. Bright, glossy foliage and shpely double flowers of yellow, edged in a deep rosy pink make this shrub luminescent. The compact shrub has only occasional thorns. 


Compact, mounded shrubs with stunning flower power that lasts until the first frost. Glossy green foliage. Self cleaning and heat tolerant Flamingo (pk/red), Kardinal (Red), Lemon Fizz 

Polar Joy Rose Tree

Zones 4-7. Meant to be hardy for northern climates. 6x4' 2" everyblooming pink blossoms. Full sun.


This brand carries a 2-year guarantee from the company.


Zones 4-9. 24". Double apricot blooms with dk. grn. foliage. 

Champagne Wishes 

Zones 4-7. 3-4'. Clusters of 3" blooms that have just a hint of apricot before turning pure white. 

Como Park 

Zones 4-7. double, 3" med. Red blossoms. Dark green foliage has a touch of red. Compact, rounded form. 

Coral Cove 

Zones 5-9. 24". Double blooms changing from dark pink to orange to bright yellow at the center. Makes a nice border. 

Grandma's Blessing

(Easy Elegance). Zones 5-9. 2-3'. Full dusty-pink blossoms resembling a hybird tea. 

High Voltage 

Zones 4-9. 3-5'. Recurrent, double med. clusters of yellow blooms. 


Zones 4-9. 2.5-4'. Resembling a hybrid tea rose, the velvet red blooms are soft and beg to be cut. 

Music Box

Zones 4-9. 3'. Double blooms of creamy yellow centers surrounded by pink blends. Everblooming mound of blossoms. Glossy, med. green foliage. Own root. 

My Girl

Zones 4-9. 3-4'. Deep pink buds are held in clusters of 5 to 30, opening to ruffly, very full blossoms . 

Mystic Fairy

4-9'x3-4'. This everblooming shrub has rich red blooms with pink undertones in clusters all summer long. Dark green leaves adds a contrast to this crown hardy plant that is resistant to blackspot and mildew. No hips. 

Screaming Neon Red 

Sunrise Sunset

Zones 4-9. 2-2.5" blooms. Bright fuchsia-pink petals blend to apricot near the cents.2-3' height makes it an excellent ground cover. 

Sweet Fragrance

Zones 5-9. Full, 3-4" apricot blossoms. Fragrant. 

Paint The Town 

Zones 4-9. 2-3'. Double 3.5" red blooms. Evenly spreading to mounded habit works in containers and garden. 


Zones 4-9;4'. Ideal accent or hedge plant. Masses of 3" semi-double pink flowers are surrounded by dark green foliage with red new growth. 

Yellow Brick Road 

Zones 5-9. 2-3'. Recurrent 2-3" blooms that acts as a border or groundcover.


Double Knock-out Rose

3-3.5'. Cherry red blossoms make nice cut flowers. The foliage turns to a deep, purple in the fall. Drought tolerant and disease resistant. 

Pink Double Knock-Out

Same as above but pink. 

Rosa Sunny 

Zones 5-9. 4.5'. Single, everblooming bight yellow blossom with dark green foliage.