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Unless otherwise indicated, all shrubs are in #2 containers.

Barberry, First Editions Cabernet
Zones 4-7
Compact-mounded. Deep red burgundy foliage. Drought tolerant once established.

Barberry, Helmond Pillar
Zones 4-8
4-5' x 1-2'
Column shape.
Red-purple foiliage.
Tiny yellow flowers bool in spring that turn to bright red berries.
Full sun and good drainage.

Barberry, Rose Glow
Zones 4-7
Compact, rounded. Rose-red matures to deep maroon variegated leaves.
Yellow flowers and red fruit.
Full sun for best color.

Barberry, Sunjoy Gold Piller
Zones 4-8
Fuller at top.
Stunning fall foliage.

Baton Rouge Dogwood
Zones 3-7
Compact with vivid red stems make this a year round interest for any landscape.
White spring flowers are followed with white berries attractive to birds.

Cool Splash Diervill
Zones 3-7
Rounded spreading.
Variegated, white and green leaves.
Easy-to grow. Use in woodland settings or shade.
Bunches of yellow blossoms in June and July.

Coralberry, Candy
Zones 4-9
Compact arching shape with dark green foliage on arching stems and candy-pink berries in early fall.
Small pink flowers in summer

Coralberry, Galaxy
Zones 4-9
Like a strand of pearls, the bridal-white berries ripen in early fall and give a show of color well into winter.
Arching habit.
Thrives in full sun and is great for small space gardens and foundation plantings.

Dogwood, Ivory Halo
Zones 3-7
Variegate leaves with red twigs in winter.
Its finer textured, full, more compact form lends itself to smaller areas.

Euonymus, Emerald and Gold
Zones 5-8
1-2'x 5'
Spreading shape with dark green, glossy leaves with yellow margins.
Tolerates full sun to part shade.

Euonymus Alatus Compact Burning Bush
Zone 4-8 (Protected areas for 4)
Busy and compact with corky bark.
Good for hedges Brilliant fall color.

Euonymus Fort Gold Splash
Zone 5-8
Yellow and green variegated, round leaves. Orange seeds are very showy.
Sun or shade.
Great for rock gardens.

Hakura Nishiki Willow
Zones 4-7
Small pink, white and green leaves gracefully arch for a nice full shrub that can take partial shade.

Ninebark Amber Jubilee
Zones 2-7
Upright rounded shape with yellow, orange to green and purple foliage.
Delicate white blossoms in spring.
Full sun.

Ninebark, Center Glow
Zones 3-7
Upright, rounded shape with red and yellow foliage.
Creamy-white flowers in spring.
Great fall color.

Ninebark, Little Devil
Red-purple foliage in a compact, easy to grow shrub.
This improved plant is free from disease and pest issues.
White-pink flowers in June.

Ninebark, Summer Wine
Improved variety with compact branching forms an upright rounded bush.
Dark crimson leaves contrast with pinkish-white flowers in mid-summer.

Potentilla, Creme Brulee
Zones 2-5
Double white flowers cover this hardy green shrub all summer.

Purple Leaf Sandcherry
Zones 3-8
Pink, fragrant flowers in the spring.
Very hardy.
No suckers.
Rich purple-red foliage.

Spiraea Goldflame
Zone 3-8
Vase shaped, yellow leafed shrub with arching branches.
Brilliant in full sun.

Staghorn Sumac, Tiger Eyes
Zone 4-8
New chartreuse green leaves turn to yellow in summer and intense orange/scarlet in fall.
Draping cut leaves have an oriental look.

Standout purple foliage contrast with red throated purple flowers.
Full sun.

Viburnum, Blue Muffin
Zone 3-9
In spring the plant is covered in white flowers, then later in clusters of blue berries.
Good full sun to shade and all soil types.

Viburnum, Compact Cranberrybush
Zone 2-7
Hardy shrub has a slight red edge, then turns deep red in the fall.

Viburnum, Snowball
Rounded shape has large, double white flowers that bloom profusely in April and May.

Weigela, Dark Horse
Zone 4-8
Dense, mounded shrub with bronze and lime foliage with magenta flowers.
Attracts birds and butterflies.

Weigela, My Monet Sunset
Zone 5-8
Attractive gold foliage and fall red color.
Nice border plant.

Weigela, Pearl Sonic Bloom
Zones 4-9
Sun to part sun.
Trumpet like blossoms cover shrub and reblooms.
Comes in white, pink and red.

Weigela, Pink Sonic Bloom

Weigela, Red Sonic Bloom

Weigela, Rainbow Sensation
Zone 4-8
Bright green/yellow variegated leaves.
Dense clusters of pink flowers that attract hummingbirds in May.
Minimal care .

Weigela, Shining Sensation
Zones 5-8
Arching shape with shiny, burgundy foliage and pink funnel-shaped flowers that bloom in May and June, and then on and off the rest of summer.  

Weigela, Tango
Zones 4-8
Compact, bushy habit with standout purple foliage and beautiful red with yellow throat flowers.
Full sun.

Weigela, Wine and Roses
Zone 5-8 (can do Zone 4)
A rounded bush with dark burgundy-purple foliage and rosy-pink flowers.

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