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Good, all around green, round head cabbage.

Early Dutch
83 days. Big, semi-flat heads 6x9" and 6lbs. Stores well.

60 days. True minature-softball size. Very dense and heavy with very sweet flavor for salads and coleslaw.

Late Dutch
100 days. Huge heads 12" across and over 10lbs. Great for kraut.

Primero Red
72 days. Compact 2-3 lbs. Ideal for tight spaces. Dark Red. Round heads.

Red Ball
A low maintenance plant that is normally very easy to grow.

Savoy Ace
75 days. 3-6 lbs. Dark, cold tolerant, globe shaped.

67 days. 4 lbs. Resists bursting. Round, solid heads.

A Thistle Down perennial last updated this web site on: November 3, 2017