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Burpee Hybrid II
57 days.

Burpless Supreme
55 days.
Sweet, dark green 9" fruit, manly seedless.
Resists Watermelon Mosaic.
High, concentrated yields. Needs pollinator.

Bush Crop
62 days.
Nice for small gardens or containers.
Abundant 6-8" straight cucumbers.

58 days.
Slicer with tender skin. Disease resistant and non-bitter.
Pollinator needed. High yields of 4-5" fruits.

62 days.
Compact plant with 9" fruit. Disease resistant.
Pollinator not needed. Slicer.

Homemade Pickles
60 days.
Bush-type plant with 5-6" fruits and solid core.
Can harvest early for baby sweets.
Disease Resistant. Pollinator not needed.

66 days.
9" disease resistant, non-fading dark fruits.

Salad Bush-Burpless
All-American Selection. Early and compact plant.
Good for containers. 57 days. Resists scab.

Saladmore Bush
All-American Selection; sweet and crisp.
55 days. Continuous harvest.

Straight Eight
63 days.
Vigorous, productive plants with dark green, cylindrical fruits of 7-8"

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