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Burpee Hybrid II 

57 days. 8½"

Burpless Supreme 

55 days. Sweet, dark green 9" fruit, manly seedless. Resists Watermelon Mosaic. High, concentrated yields. Needs pollinator. 

Bush Crop 

62 days. Nice for small gardens or containers. Abundant 6-8" straight cucumbers. 


58 days. Slicer with tender skin. Disease resistant and non-bitter. Pollinator needed. High yields of 4-5" fruits. 


62 days. Compact plant with 9" fruit. Disease resistant. Pollinator not needed. Slicer. 

Homemade Pickles 

60 days. Bush-type plant with 5-6" fruits and solid core. Can harvest early for baby sweets. Disease Resistant. Pollinator not needed. 


66 days. 9" disease resistant, non-fading dark fruits. 

Salad Bush-Burpless 

All-American Selection. Early and compact plant. Good for containers. 57 days. Resists scab. 

Saladmore Bush 

All-American Selection; sweet and crisp. 55 days. Continuous harvest. 

Straight Eight 

63 days. Vigorous, productive plants with dark green, cylindrical fruits of 7-8"