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Crimson Sweet
85-90 days.
Dark/bright green-striped oval fruit are 10-12".
Sweet, crispy, juicy fruit is deep red with few seeds.
High yields. 15-25 lbs.

Sugar Baby
70-80 days.
Heirloom with 6-8" fruit with dark green skin.
Firm sweet red flesh with large seeds.
Space-saving, compact vines.
8-10 lb. fruit.


5-6 lb. oval fruit with smooth salmon colored flesh.
85 days.

Takes less room-nice for smaller gardens.
Sweet with a thick, smooth-textured orange flesh. Mildew resistance.
72 days.
4-8 lb.

Ball 2076
78 days.
Very sweet, disease resistant with thick orange 5 lb. fruit.

87 days.
Oval, deep sutures. Great flavor in 3-5 lb. fruits.

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