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First color listed is the preferred, picking color.
The second is the fully mature stage.

Produces early, heavy yields. Ripens from deep green to red.
65 days.
Plant in full sun 18-24" apart.
Tolerant to blossom rot.
One of the best all-around bells.

Better Belle
Blocky, large, green fruit maturing to red.
High Yielding.
65 days.

Big Bertha
Large, crisp 7" fruit on upright plants.
Green maturing to red.
72 days.

California Wonder
Uniform green to red main-season variety whose near square fruit makes it a great stuffed pepper.
Thick walled and crisp even when matured to red.
Disease Resistant.

King Arthur
(also called Fat n Sassy )
Large glossy green fruit is blocky and thick walled.
Matures red in 65 days.

Lady Bell
Must have bell pepper.
Nicely lobed.
Use green or red.
71 days.
(Replaces North Star)

High Yielding.
Disease Resistant.
72 days.
Extra large, blocky, thick-walled peppers.
Matures from green to red.
Does well in cool weather.


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