Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti, and Zucchini squash.


Cream of the Crop 

75 days. Compact bush. 7.5x6" fruit. Nutty flavor. Stores well. 


90 days. Sweet, single serving-size. 1 lb. Compact, bushy plants High mildew resistance. 

Table Ace 

70 days. Semi-bush plants yield large black-green fruit with excellent flavor. 5" fruits.


Burpee Bush Table 

Queen-Acorn squash good for containers. 4' plant. 

Burpee Butterbush 

Butternut variety for containers. 

Early Butternut 

75 days. Semi-bush with uniform 7" fruit. 


82 days. 8" tan fruit with deep orange interiors


70 days. Wonderful mild flavor with spaghetti-like pulp.


Ball's Zucchini 

48 days. Blocky, blk-grn. fruit. Productive, tender 6" fruit. 

Burpee Golden

50 days. Straight, blocky fruit is bright golden yellow with very crisp and flavorful flesh. 8" fruit. 

Dark Green 

New for 2016. Early (45 days), vigorous, with lots of straight, smooth, mottled fruits with fir, greenish-white flesh.