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Early Girl 

57 days. 4 to 5oz. Heavy Yields. Heavy Vines, slicer. 

Mountain Merit 

NEW. 70-75 days. 8-10oz. One of the few that provides LATE blight resistance. Nice slicer with firm flesh and Crack resistant. Determinate. 

Summer Girl 

This slicer matures 1 week before Early Girl and has 5-6oz. fruits. High yields.


Abe Lincoln 

75-80 Days. Resists Cracking. Blight Resistant. 10+ oz. Solid and meaty. Good for ketchup, juice or slicing. Indeterminate.  

Big Beef 
73 days. Disease Resistant. Resists Cracking. High Yielding. 12oz. beefsteak tomato is an All-American selection. Indeterminate.  

Big Boy 
78 days. Disease Resistant. Vigorous 8-9oz. Slicer. Indeterminate.  

Brandy Boy
77 days. 14 Oz. Heavy Yields. Great Flavor.  

72 days. Disease Resistant. Great all around tomato and an All-American selection. 8oz. Semi-determinate.  

65 days. High Yielding. Disease Resistant. 10-15oz. Sweet, flavorful, vigorous fruits. Adapts to conditions. Indeterminate.  

Health Kick 
75 days. 4 oz. 50% more lycopene. Determinate. Heavy Yields 

Mountain Fresh 
79 days. 3½" across, adaptable to conditions, Disease Resistant to blossom rot. Determinate.  

80 days. One of the world's largest beefsteaks has high yielding, 1.5 to 2 lb. deep red flesh and succulent juice.  

Sweet Seedless
70 days. 4-8oz. The world's first seedless with a sweet balance. Firm and juicy. Indeterminate.


Bush Early Girl 

High Yielding. 54 days. 4" fruit. Patio tom. Meaty, flavorful, firm. Produces all summer. (Determinate).  

Bush Goliath 

68 days. Compact, 3½' patio plant. Unsurpassed 3-4", flavorful meat. (Determinate).  


65 days. New for 2016. A beefy, 8-12oz. tomato that can be grown in a container or sm. garden (22" height). Matures early.


Candyland Red 

57 days. 2016 All American Winner. ½" fruit. Heavy Yields. Very sweet. Branched trusses full of easy to grow fruit.


50 days. All-Am. selection. Clusters of sweet fruit in a compact plant. Heavy Yields.  

Lemon Cherry 

High Yielding. 58 days. Juicy, round, pale yellow fruits are sweet and flavorful. 2oz. Indeterminate.  

Napa Grape 

65 days. 1oz. clustered sweet tomatoes preferred in taste tests.  


68 days. Unique, long cascading trusses holding up to 40 very sweet 9oz. fruits.  

Sugar Rush 

52 days. Super-sweet, elongated 1" fruits. Great crunch and texture.  

Sunsugar Cherry 

Very Sweet, golden orange, thin-skinned, 1" fruit. 62 days.

Sweet Million 

60 days. High Yielding. Disease Resistant. Long chains of smooth, dark red 1½" fruits Great flavor. (Determinate).


La Roma III 

76 days. Disease Resistant. High Yielding. Bright, meaty 5oz fruits. Good for canning. (Determinate). 


Up to 2 lbs. Largest sauce tomato ever. Prolific and flavorful. Few Seeds.


Lower acid, sweet tasting, beautiful color.

(see Heritage tomatoes below for more varieties). 

Chef's Choice Orange 

2014 All-American Winner is crack-resistant and holds its bright color during cooking. 9-16oz.

Lemon Boy 

72 days. 6 oz. Resists leaf mold and stem canker. Indeterminate.  

Sunny Goliath 

16 oz. beefsteak. Nice sweet/acid balance. Heavy Yields. Few seeds. Yellow Determinate.

Yellow Brandymaster 

70 days. Up to 16oz. fruits with superb flavor and rich, juicy flesh. Adapts to weather conditions.  


Many heirlooms originated in the 1800's or earlier and come from all over the world. Noted for full flavor and interesting colors. 

If you truly love tomatoes, you have to try some of these. 

Many of these go fast since there are limited plantings.

Arkansas Traveler 

Discovered in the Ozarks, this 6oz. sized fruit is creamy, mild, and highly adaptable. Indeterminate.  

Big Rainbow 

80-102 days. Up to 2 pounds. +Flavor with ribbed & red-streaks.  

Black Krim 

80 days. Medium sized dark maroon-purple fruit. Rich flavor.

Black Prince 

74 days. Flavorful, mahogany tomatoes. Less cracking than other heirlooms.  


90-100 days. Considered by some to be the world's best-flavored tomato. Extra-large, firm rosy-pink fruits. Indeterminate.  

Cherokee Purple 

Disease Resistant. Drought resistant. 80-90 days. medium sized fruits with dark stripes on pinkish-red skins that do not crack. Indeterminate.  

Costoluto Genovese 

90 days. Ribbed firm flesh of 70z. fruits. Sweet and delicious.  


77 days. Up to 1lb. Great flavor, smooth and Crack Resistant.  

Giant Oxheart 

High Yielding. 90 days. 12oz.-2lb. fruits. Vigorous plants with heart-shaped fruits, have a mild flavor and few seeds. Indeterminate.  

Green Zebra

90 days. Heirloom with small green fruit striped gold. Zippy, sweet taste.

Heirloom Marriage Cherokee Carbon 

Robust, purple beefsteak, 10-12oz. Rich flavor. Indeterminate.  

Heirloom Marriage Genuwine 

Slicing type bred for higher yields and earlier maturing, 10-12 oz. good tasting fruits and few blemishes.  


85 days. 1-2 lb. orange and yellow-streaked fruits make this beefsteak a great addition to your table.  

Mortgage Lifter 

High Yielding. Drought resistant. 75-80 days. A favorite also called "Radiator Charlie" with large smooth, pink-skinned fruits. Few seeds and very mild, sweet flavor. Indeterminate.  

Mr. Stripey 

80 days. Large, red and yellow striped tomato, low in acid and mild-flavored. Indeterminate.  

Old German 

75 days. One of the best-ever slicers with huge fruits of 1½ to 2 lbs. Indeterminate.  


90 days. Heart shaped fruit has solid, tender flesh. Can be staked.

Persimmon Orange 

80 days. 1-2lb. plump, golden orange, meaty. Heavy Yields.  

Ponderosa Pink 

80 days. Extra large (1 lb.) beefsteak with a rosy pink glow. Almost seedless and low acid.  

Red Pear 

High Yielding. 70 days. Rare heirloom. Hardy, medium sized fruits with very few seeds. Good for salads sauces or pickles. Indeterminate.  

Rutgers Select 

Disease Resistant. 72 days. Unsurpassed for canning with dark red heavy walled 7oz fruits. Full-bodied flavor. Determinate.  

San Marzano

80 days. long, blocky fruits mature with a small, discreet seed cavity.

Super Sioux 

Great for hot summers and dry conditions. Thick-walled, crack free, red globes have an acidic flavor. Semi-Determinate.  

Yellow Pear 

High Yielding. 78 days. Vigorous vines yield 2" fruits. Indeterminate.